The History of Hair Fascinators


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Hats and fascinators have certainly come a long way since their popularity in the early 1900s and the 1940s and 1950s. The fascinator as we know it today is adopted in the London (Luton-based) millinery trade during the late 1970s and 80s. Fascinators have certainly become more prevalent - almost replacing hats - since the 1990s.

Fascinators can be bold, eccentric, stunning and can range from $20 - $600 per piece, particularly if they are designed by a well-established milliner. They can exude radiant colours, eccentric prints, soft feathers, beads, bows and flowers - they make a statement - and can be quite an expensive outlay for a handful of occasions... but we love them!

We share tips on how to wear a fascinator, and how to protect your pieces from dust, dirt and discolouration when stored long term.  


Melbourne Cup Attendees | Hair FascinatorsUse of the word ‘fascinator’ has been used in previous centuries to describe a lacy head covering similar to a shawl but much smaller and lighter. A fascinator can transform a simple dress into a formal stunner, to turn heads and make a statement. Today, these headpieces can be worn at various events including cocktail parties, themed parties, weddings and more notably at the races and – ‘The Race That Stops a Nation’ – The Melbourne Cup in November.   



Fascinators became fashionable as to not to displace your well-coiffed hair, after a visit to the hairdresser. The fascinator always sits at an angle on the head, as if perching on top of the well-groomed hair. A cross between a hair accessory and a cocktail hat, a fascinator with veil is also quite common.

Black and white floral fascinatorFascinators are meant to worn on the side of your head. You can wear a fascinator on the right or left side of your head. Traditionally, they are worn on the right side, so that when a woman was out with her man, he would stand on her left and the fascinator wouldn't shield her face from him. Also, so that large or elaborate fascinators don't poke him on the side of his face (or someone else), similar to standing beside someone with an umbrella.

The details of the fascinator should lie above your eyebrows as this gives you a more prominent and stylish look. 



Let's talk fascinator and hat storage. Have you ever thought about how you protect your fascinators after the event or occasion is over? Or do you toss it on a shelf in your wardrobe or perhaps place it in a crevice, or a drawer which collects dust?

White hat boxesStoring your fascinators in a hatbox, a plastic bag or a plastic container high up on your wardrobe shelf or in a cupboard - particularly in hot and humid conditions - can have a detrimental effect on your pieces.

These unfavourable storage methods prevent fresh air from circulating in and around pieces. They can cause your prized hat or fascinator to discolour and potentially cause a material breakdown, even when stored with acid-free tissue paper and silica gel satchels. The glue in your fascinator or hat can dry out and cause embellishments to come loose and fall off. The adhesives and glue can also diminish and peel away the layers and trimmings in your piece.




















Chevron print fascinator cotton bagA natural and safe alternative to hat boxes is 100% cotton dust bags for fascinator and hat storage. Cotton has many fabulous attributes. It's a natural, low maintenance fabric, acid-free, and hygienic. Cotton is fresh and lightweight, which makes storing and preserving your fascinators and hats simple, and practical, particularly when stored from season-to-season or long term.

These 2-sided, fully-enclosed cotton bags make it easy to access and store your pieces. Available in a range of sassy colours and patterns to match your wardrobe and style, and protect your cherished pieces. 

Kazzi Kovers range of 5 Pack Mix ‘n’ Match Cotton Bags are also available. Perfect for when you need more than one. (They're also great for travel packing cells.)



Fascinator and Hat Dust Bags and Storage | 100% Cotton 


  • Store in a cool, dry area
  • Sufficient airflow
  • Keep away from direct sunlight to avoid material breakdown and discolouration.
  • Do not stack fascinators or hats on top of each, unless they are of similar structure.
  • Use acid-free, neutral coloured tissue paper to stuff the crown of the hat to maintain its shape. A better option is an unused cotton shirt or clothing due to cotton being a natural, breathable fabric. 
  • 100% Cotton Covers are the ultimate storage solution to protect, store and organise your hats and fascinators — a fully-enclosed, natural and safer alternative to cardboard and plastic hat boxes.

Hat box and fascinator storage bags

Fascinators can be bold, eccentric and stunning. Widely adorned at the races, a function or a wedding - fascinators are an accessory that makes a statement and adds flair and style to your outfit. It is what you do after the event, and how you store and protect your fascinators and hats that will determine their longevity and long term wearability.



Fascinator and Hat Storage Bags are available in different PACKS

COLOURS | Midnight Blue | Green Envy | Getting Ziggy (Chevron) | Fuchsia Fever | Zulu Leopard | Latte Love.

SIZES | Small OR Medium OR Large

3 Pack: Same size (Eg: medium) and in the same colour (Eg: Pink).

---  OR  ---

One in each size | 1 x Small + 1 x Medium + 1 x Large in the colour of your choice (displayed below).

Midnight Blue | 100% Cotton Packing Cells     Green Envy | 100% Cotton Packing Cells    

Chevron | 100% Cotton Packing Cells     Fuchsia Pink | 100% Cotton Packing Cells

Zulu Leopard | 100% Cotton Packing Cells     Latte Love | 100% Cotton Packing Cells



These sassy 5 Pack - Mix 'n' Match sets are versatile and are great if you need more than just one. Streamline and organise your fascinators, hats and accessories.

Also ideal for storage and travel purposes. 

Fuchsia Pink + Leopard Print | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton     Latte Love + Leopard Print | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton

Latte Love + Fuchsia Pink | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton     Chevron + Fuchsia Pink | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton

Green Envy & Chevron Print | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton      Midnight Blue & Chevron (Getting Ziggy) | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton 

Midnight Blue & Latte Love | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton__________________________________________________________ 

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(Further history of hair fascinators can be found at, 2015, accessed 29/10/2015 



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