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At Kazzi Kovers, we understand the emotional value that our cherished pieces hold. Whether you're looking to preserve your garments, organise your linen cupboard or wardrobe, or store your suits, dresses, jackets, gowns, wedding dress, or winter coats - we've got you covered all year round. 

Founded in Brisbane, Australia, in August 2014, Kazzi Kovers products are custom made and deliver a statement of care and protection for the items you love, giving you a lifetime of wearability and enjoyment. 

Each collection is designed with the purpose of creating easy-to-use, practical, stylish covers, bags and accessories, that help you organise, protect, and store your belongings for seasonal and preservation purposes.


Our Collections are stylish as they are functional

Kazzi Kovers collections are designed in-house and custom made with premium fabrics and durable materials, always with a functional purpose and stylish flair to complement your personal style. 

We are proud to offer a range of products to make storing, organising, and travelling simple and easy. Our products are designed to help preserve and protect your favourite, seasonal, and occasional items. By safeguarding your garments, linens, and other belongings from environmental elements such as dust, dirt, insects, mould, mildew and sunlight, will give you years of wearability and enjoyment. 


Our Product Descriptions are comprehensive

At Kazzi Kovers, we believe in being transparent with our customers. That's why our product descriptions are comprehensive, ensuring you know exactly what you're purchasing and the different uses for each product or collection.

We include dot points and highlighted text in our descriptions so that you can easily skim through and choose the right products to accommodate your lifestyle and requirements.  

Shop our collections today and experience for yourself the love and care that goes into each product, so you can enjoy them now and for many years to come.  


Our Wood Products are 100% certified by The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).

FSC® N002760 Kazzi KoversKazzi Kovers beautifully crafted European German Beech Wood Hanger Collection and New Zealand Cedar Wood Blocks and Cedar Rings are 100% certified by The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).

The FSC® 100% certification means that our wood products are sourced and harvested from responsibly managed forests in an economically viable manner for today and future generations.

Kazzi Kovers Licence Number. FSC® N002760.


Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers
"Every time you open or use your Kazzi Kovers and accessories, you will find great pleasure knowing that your favourite, occasional and seasonal items are safely protected and preserved so you can enjoy them for years to come.


I hope you love your Kazzi Kovers as much as I do!"  

 Founder and Director Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers®



I've been centred around the business all of my life. In 1974, my beloved parents, Elias and Daad Kazzi established Byblos Bakery in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

They were pioneers in bringing and introducing 'pocket bread' or 'pita bread', as it is commonly known, to the Australian market and abroad.

From age 12 onwards, I witnessed firsthand the unparalleled opportunity to truly understand each facet of the business from the ground up to the senior management level at Byblos Bakery.

Byblos Bakery operated for 32 years, and it taught me lessons and provided the grounding that no book (I've read many) or MBA (I've completed my Masters of Business Administration (MBA)) could ever teach.

In hindsight, our family business gave me the platform and the experiences one could only wish for at such a young age and instilled in me lessons and knowledge that I use to this day and throughout my business and personal life. 

From these humble beginnings, my beloved parents are truly my greatest mentors. They have provided me with a uniquely powerful grounding that has propelled my love for people, the community and business - and now Kazzi Kovers. 



I've always been inspired to Dream Big and find a Purpose - My Purpose - that I am deeply passionate about pursuing. Something that gets me up every day - no matter what! 

I've learned my reason for 'Why' must be bigger than the 'How'.

I've learned that life is about giving back, while filling your cup of happiness.

As the Kazzi Kovers range continues to expand and grow, my ultimate vision for Kazzi Kovers is to make a difference, albeit small, in our community and Mother Earth with sustainable and eco-friendly products that are fun, purposeful and functional giving you a lifetime of wearability and enjoyment for your cherished and seasonal items. 


MY LIGHT BULB MOMENT | How Kazzi Kovers Started

For years I've travelled the world looking for business opportunities, but it wasn't until Tuesday, 12th August 2014, that my passion and purpose came to light - and I found it 'in my backyard' - My Wardrobe! 

drawstring bagKazzi Kovers all started when I was looking for a spare handbag cover to protect a new handbag I had just purchased - similar to the non-woven, drawstring type-bags - that sometimes come with your handbag purchases.

It was also then that I noticed that my treasured red leather handbag stored on my wardrobe shelf had transferred colour onto another handbag that was stored behind it - commonly known as a 'colour bleed'.

It dawned on me that, over time, this was due to the relentless humidity of the Australian climate and the lack of natural airflow circulating throughout my wardrobe. Also, the real fact is that cheap non-woven dust bags don't work long term! I noticed that these types of fabrics will eventually crumble into a million pieces and do no favours in protecting your handbags. I learned this the hard way!. 



In that 'aha moment', I realised that these types of non-woven dustbags' only purpose were to safely transport my new handbag from the shop to my home. They were NOT favourable or to be used for protecting my handbags for long term purposes.

Sadly, the damage caused to my red leather handbag was irreparable and had to be discarded due to colour transfer.



This immediately got me thinking: How do I prevent handbag colour bleed? How do I protect my handbags against humidity? How do I prevent dust from settling into the crevices and onto the handbag with these drawstring bag covers? Because with drawstring dust bags, dirt can still get in and settle into the handbag. 

So I set about developing a range of handbag covers that safeguard against dust particles, colour bleed, and environmental factors. Most importantly, the cotton covers had to protect the longevity of the handbag and be useful for all types of fabrics, especially leather, embellished bags and all sizes. 

Kazzi Kovers was born. 

Picture: Handbag covers | 100% Cotton (Circa 2015).

Cotton Handbag Dust Bags


THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX | Customer Feedback Is Important

Since that light bulb moment, these 'handbag covers' have developed many other uses. With the feedback from our customers, they've been using them as packing cells for travelling to segment their suitcases, such as pink for clothing, chevron for shoes, and other items, including electronic cords, kids items, scarves, gloves and more. 

We've even discovered that they're great for covering small and occasional kitchen appliances, office equipment such as office laminators, heat sealers, binder machines and more, as this helps stop the dust from getting into the heating elements and crevices.

I love that our customers offer their ever-growing list of uses and feedback for our 'handbag covers' and now sassy and versatile cotton bags. 

Who knew that a simple 'handbag cover' would be the catalyst for what is today, - Kazzi Kovers.



Since August 2014, Kazzi Kovers has grown to house a suite of premium, on-trend and practical covers and accessories, with new collections being added gradually. 

Each product range is custom made, with well thought out precision, and ultimately designed and tailored to help you simplify, organise and protect the items you love - be it for home, storage, office, leisure or travel purposes.

I hope you enjoy your Kazzi Kovers :) 


Thank you for your support and for taking the time to read My Story.

Founder and Director

Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers®

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Updated 12th June 2024