Wooden Hanger + Garment Bag Package

Whether you have a one-off piece such as a wedding dress, gown, formal attire, or wool coat that you would like to lovingly store and protect or individual pieces like vintage clothing, christening gowns, costumes, sporting attire, and memorabilia, this collection is curated for you. 

Our Wooden Hanger and Garment Bag Packages are designed to support, protect and store your cherished occasional and seasonal garments.

Kazzi Kovers Garment Bags are 100% cotton and fully enclosed, providing garment longevity and protection from dust, dirt, insects (especially moths), sunlight, mould, mildew and sunlight.

Kazzi Kovers European Beech Wood Hanger Collection is 100% certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). The wood is made from sustainable and renewable forests for today and future generations. (Kazzi Kovers Licence No. FSC® N002760.)


STEP 1. Choose your Hanger Colour and Size

* Hanger COLOUR: Natural Wood Grain or Walnut

* Hanger SIZE: 

CLOTHES Hanger - For LIGHT garments | Business shirts, shirts, tops, blouses, dresses, pants, shorts.

WOODEN Hanger - For INTERMEDIATE Garments | Suits, Formal Attire & Gowns, Wedding Dress, Jackets, Coats.

COAT Hanger - For HEAVY Garments || Wool Coats, Ski Gear. Layered Gowns or Dresses

CLIP Hanger - For SETS || 3-Piece Suits | Pants + Jackets, Skirts/Dresses + Jackets/Coats and More. 


STEP 2. Choose your Garment Bag COLOUR

Garment Bag Colours: CREAM or BLACK


STEP 3. Choose your Garment Bag SIZE

Garment Bag Sizes: REGULAR or LARGE


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- Kazzi Kovers® | Love It, Cover It®

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12 products