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Glasses Cloth
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Kazzi Kovers glasses cleaning cloth for all types of glasses and lenses
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The lens cloth fits neatly into all sunglasses cases
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Kazzi Kovers Size Guide | Glasses Cleaning Cloth
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Glasses Cloth


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The Kazzi Kovers Glasses Cloth is simple, with a custom made design, and is perfect for use with or without a glasses cleaner.

Different from microfiber cloths, our polyester and polyamide mix glasses cleaning cloths are highly durable, impressively larger measuring 20cm x 20cm, and are the next level in lens protection and care due to the fabrics' excellent resiliency and collection of dirt particles.

The cloth is delightfully soft to the touch and effectively cleans all lens types and screens, leaving a scratch free, streak free, smudge free, and lint free finish. 

Kazzi Kovers Glasses Cloths are washable in cold water and 100% reusable, reducing landfill. 

Keep one in your glasses case, handbag, at home, at work, and one in the car. 


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Size Centimetres: 20 cm (L) x 20 cm (H)

Size Inches: 7.87" (L) x 7.87" (H)



  • Eyeglass Lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Mobile Phones
  • Computer Screens
  • Mirrors
  • + More.



  • Material | Polyester and Polyamide Mix
  • Polyamide is also known as Nylon by Du Pont
  • Colour | Black
  • Larger than standard size glasses cloth at 20 cm x 20 cm (square)
  • Lightweight | Acid Free | Durable
  • Lint Free | Smudge Free | Streak Free Finish
  • Non Abrasive | Anti-Static
  • 100% Reusable | Reduces Landfill
  • Wash In Cold Water or Hand Wash
  • White Logo printed on the front side only.



  • It is beneficial to wash your glasses cloth periodically in cold water to avoid dust particles building up, which can potentially damage the lenses
  • Firstly, vigorously shake the cloth to remove any debris or dirt particles
  • Then, hand wash with a mild soap that is bleach free or machine wash on a gentle or delicate cycle
  • Or you can hand wash your glasses cloth in bleach free detergent
  • Make sure the cloth is thoroughly dry before the next use
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.


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