FSC® Certification | Wood Hangers & Cedar Wood

      FSC® Certification | Kazzi Kovers

Founder and Director of Kazzi Kovers, Maria Kazzi, says, “As a brand, we proudly partner with the FSC to help protect our rich and thriving forests. We have chosen to source and supply custom-made wood hangers and cedar products that provide sustainable forestry and reduce our environmental footprint for today and future generations.”

Kazzi Kovers joined the FSC forest family in 2017 when they became promotional licence holders and have since been strong supporters of promoting the value of sustainable forestry, participating in FSC campaigns, and providing their shoppers with a range of forest-friendly products.

Continuously exploring new and unique ways to reduce wastage, recycle and renew, Maria notes, "We love that when you purchase Kazzi Kovers FSC wood products, you contribute to preserving forest ecosystems and responsible forestry. There is peace of mind knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment, whether it is protecting your wardrobe with cedar wood or storing your garments on certified wood hangers, you’ll find comfort in knowing you can enjoy wearing your cherished pieces for many years to come while contributing to the betterment and conservation of our precious forests and land.”

FSC® Certifcation | Kazzi Kovers

When you purchase Kazzi Kovers FSC-certified wooden hangers and cedar products, you’re supporting sustainable forest management that protects the rights of workers, communities, and Indigenous peoples while protecting precious biodiversity.

- Kazzi Kovers.






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| 100% FSC® Certified Wooden Hangers

Kazzi Kovers FSC® certified wood hangers


Kazzi Kovers FSC® certified wood hangers



| 100% FSC® Certified Cedar Wood

Kazzi Kovers FSC® certified cedar blocks and rings  


To learn more about FSC® ANZ, please visit their website.

- Kazzi Kovers

Updated | 4th August 2023