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Size Guide

Kazzi Kovers Size Guide


GARMENT BAGS | 100% Cotton

Please take the time to carefully measure the garment you wish to store, as the garment bags are very spacious both in length and in height.

Each cream-coloured Garment Bag is made from 100% breathable cotton, is double-stitched and incredibly spacious and strong.

REGULAR Garment Bag | Size: 110 cm (H) x 65 cm (W) x 10 cm (Gusset)

Regular Garment Bag

Ideal for:

  • Suits | Jackets | Coats
  • Blouses | Skirts | Shirts | Pants | Jeans
  • All Seasonal Clothing
  • Embellished and Beaded Garments
  • Delicate and Natural Fibres (leather, wool, cotton, silk, velvet, suede + more)
  • All Types of Furs
  • All Types of Costumes
  • Equestrian Clothing
  • Sporting Attire | Uniforms | Costumes
  • Vintage Clothing
  • Saris | Kaftans
  • Heirlooms and more.


LARGE Garment Bag | Size: 165 cm (H) x 65 cm (W) x 10 cm (Gusset)

Large Garment Bag

Ideal For: 

  • Wedding Dress | Bridesmaid | Formal Dresses | Gowns
  • 3/4 Length Jackets and Coats
  • Full-Length Coats
  • All Seasonal and Occasional Clothing
  • Embellished and Beaded Garments
  • Delicate and Natural Fibres (leather, wool, cotton, silk, velvet, suede + more)
  • All Types of Furs
  • All Types of Costumes
  • Equestrian Clothing
  • Sporting Attire
  • Vintage Clothing
  • Saris | Kaftans
  • Costumes | Uniforms
  • Heirlooms and more.
  • (Note: Not suitable for Princess, Ball Gown, Trumpet Wedding Gowns, or fuller skirts.)


It will depend on the height and length of your garment as to the size of the garment bag you require.

  • The thicker and more robust the garment (such as a wool coat), the thicker the hanger required to store the garment or coat so it maintains garment structure and support - therefore one coat per garment bag.
  • Suits Kazzi Kovers Regular Garment Bags are the best suit bags to store, protect and streamline your suits. 
  • Bridal Dress Our garment bags are suitable for most types of gowns and bridal dresses and all types of fabrics. Please measure the length of your gown to ensure it fits comfortably in either the Regular Garment Bag or the Large (or long) Garment Bag. (Our garment bags are not suitable for robust bottoms, princess dresses or dresses with very long trains.)
  • Coats Measure your coat from top to bottom (height) and left to right (length) to ensure it will fit comfortably in the garment bag. Longer coats are more suitable for our Large Garment Bag - generally those that are below the knee or longer. Shorter coats or coats that sit at the wait or below are more suitable for our Regular Garment Bag.
  • Everyday and Occasional Garments such as dresses, cocktail and formal dresses, suits and shirts or your occasional attire are generally more suited to the Regular Garment Bag. Make sure you measure your garments' to ensure the right fit.
  • Embellished and Delicate Garments such as beaded, hand-sewn accessories, silks and most vintage garments should be stored on their own to avoid snagging other garments and damage to the delicate fibres.
  • Winter and Seasonal Garments such as bulky ski gear and jackets to the waist or slightly beyond will fit comfortably into a Regular Garment Bag.
  • Note that lighter weighted wool and cashmere jumpers, tops, scarves and accessories should never be hung as it will stretch the natural fibres of the garment causing irreparable damage. Instead, you can store them flat in our breathable 100% Cotton Storage Bags or 100% Cotton Dust Covers.



Natural Wood Grain and Walnut Finish


Choosing The Right Hanger

European German Beech Wood Hangers

The heavier your garment is, the more support it needs to maintain the structure of your garment and promote its longevity. 

For less structured and lighter garments such as your everyday shirts, dresses, pants, skirts - the Clothes Hanger is ideal. 

For robust and slightly weighted garments such as your formal and cocktail dresses, bridal gowns, your suits and jackets - the Suit Hanger is most suitable. Our suit hangers are purposely contoured to mimics the shape of your shoulders and the garment you wish to store. This contoured frame helps maintain your garments' structure, longevity and promotes fabric integrity.

For heavier garments such as wool coats and ski gear and clothing with wide-shoulders - the Coat Hanger is more suitable. Our coat hangers are beautifully contoured with wide-shoulders and a dense structure (see hanger weights below in table) to support the heaviest of coats, dresses, costumes and other heavily weighted garments.


Why Kazzi Kovers Wood Hangers?

Kazzi Kovers Wood Hangers are beautifully crafted from European German Beech Wood - benchmarked as the ultimate wood for hangers. Each hanger collection has been fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®*). This provides you with assurance that our suite of wood products are made from responsibly managed and sustainable forests, for today and for future generations. 

Our wood hangers are purposely void of plastic, wire, rubber, velvet, foam and PVC coating. These materials are not eco-friendly and have a tendency to falter, crumble and bend, which can cause unfavourable and sometimes irreparable damage to your cherished garments fabric and form, especially when stored for extended periods of time. 

Each Kazzi Kovers wood hanger is custom made, and is guaranteed to support and maintain your garments' shape, structure and fabric integrity, so you can enjoy wearing your favourite pieces for years to come.  


STORAGE BAGS | 100% Cotton 

Storage Bags

It is important you take care and measure the item you wish to store. Our storage bags are incredibly durable and are quite spacious for storing your linens, manchester or delicate items such as blankets, doonas, quilts, delicate garment such as cashmeres, wool and more.

For example: If you have a regular queen bed doona (such as a summer doona), it will fit comfortably into our REGULAR Storage Bags. However, if your doona is plump (such as a winter doona) and heavily filled with feathers, down, wool or other fibres, then the LARGE Storage Bag will be more suitable.


REGULAR: 50 cm (L) x 40 cm (H) x 16 cm (Gusset / Width)

Linens: All sheet and sheet sets, all sizes. Quilt covers and sets, small blankets, throws, doonas, small cushions and all other types of manchester and fabrics including (but not limited to) wool, cotton, down, feathers, polyester. Ideal size for *SB, KS, DB.

*SB - Single Bed | KS - King Single Bed | DB - Double Bed | QB - Queen Bed 

Clothing: All types of seasonal and delicate clothing (winter and summer), cashmere, ski gear, kids clothes, sporting gear, heirlooms and mementos like baby blankets and quilts.

Bags: Overnight bags, duffel bags, over the shoulder carry-on bags - leather, fabric, embellished, suede and more.

Christmas: Tree skirts, tinsel, decorations, placemats, tablecloths, table runners.


LARGE: 70 cm (L) x 50 cm (H) x 20 cm (Gusset / Width)

Linens: All sheet and sheet sets, all sizes. Standard pillows, quilt covers and sets, larger blankets and throws, large quilts, cushions, doonas, seasonal underlays and mattress protectors and all other types of manchester and fabrics including (but not limited to) wool, cotton, down, feather, polyester. Ideal size for *SB, KS, DB, QB, KB, SK. 

*SB - Single Bed | KS - King Single Bed | DB - Double Bed | QB - Queen Bed | KB - King Bed | SK - Super King

Clothing: All types of seasonal clothing (winter and summer), cashmere, larger quilts, ski gear, kids clothes, sporting gear.

Bags: Larger overnight bags and duffel bags - leather, fabric, embellished, suede

Christmas: Tree skirts, tinsel, decorations, placemats, tablecloths, table runners etc.  



Packing Cells Covers

Our range of sassy 100% breathable cotton packing cells and covers have many and varied uses. From storage to travel and everything in between.

Perfect for all types of clothing, shoes, charging cords, kids items, hats, fascinators, scarves, belts, and storing your handbags, totes and more.



Customers have used them as library bags for their kids and for their camping trips. While the adults use them for storing kitchen appliance parts and accessories so no mould or rust can develop and to also protect the parts from dust, due to the fully-sealed 100% Cotton fabric.

These 100% cotton bags are also great for storing occasional office equipment such as laminators, label machines, heat sealers and other small electronic items to prevent dust from getting into the elements and damaging their function. 

Just be sure to measure your items!

Green Envy 

  • Small 31cm x 22cm  
  • Medium 42.5cm x 37.5cm
  • Large 53cm x 46cm  

Midnight Blue

  • Small 30cm x 23cm  
  • Medium 41cm x 38.5cm
  • Large 53cm x 46cm   

Getting Ziggy 

  • Small 30.5cm x 24.5cm  
  • Medium 44cm x 37cm
  • Large 53cm x 46cm

Latte Love 

  • Small 31cm x 24.5cm  
  • Medium 44cm x 37cm
  • Large 52cm x 47cm   

Zulu Leopard

  • Small 30.5cm x 24.5cm  
  • Medium 44cm x 37cm
  • Large 52cm x 47cm   

Fuchsia Fever 

  • Small 30cm x 22.5cm  
  • Medium 43cm x 37cm
  • Large 53.5cm x 46cm 



Small Covers

Handbag: clutch, evening bags, flap bag, half moon bag, messenger bags, minaudiere, quilted, satchel bags, wristlets. 

Medium Covers

Handbag: baquette, barrel, bucket bag, casual day bags, cross body, doctors bag, double-handle bags, drawstring bag, everyday bags, frame bag, hobo, medium-sized shoulder bag, messenger, quilted bags, saddlebags, satchel, structured bag, work bag. 

Large Covers

Handbag: barrel, drawstring bags, doctor's bag, double-handle bags, frame bag, hobo, messenger, saddlebag, satchel bag, sports bag, structured bag, totes, small travel bags. 


 Kazzi Kovers


FSC-N002760-Kazzi-KoversKazzi Kovers European German Beech Wood Hangers are fully certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®). The wood is sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner for today and for future generations. (FSC® N002760). 

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