European Beech Wood Hangers - Packs

Kazzi Kovers Hanger Packs are the perfect addition when it comes to streamlining your closet and wardrobe.

Our premium wood hangers are beautifully crafted from FSC® 100% certified European German Beech Wood, which is made from sustainable and responsible forests (Licence No. N002760).

Kazzi Kovers wood hangers are designed to fully support and maintain garment structure and shape while reducing wrinkles and garment sag due to their strong, contoured shoulders and dense framework.

It is ideal for all types of clothing, including suits, dresses, jackets, coats, pants, skirts, everyday and occasional garments, and more.

Available in Natural Wood Grain and Walnut colours.

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- Kazzi Kovers® | Love It, Cover It®

18 products

18 products