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Get Kids Organised with Kazzi Kovers – 6 Simple Hacks

Posted on September 13, 2016 by Maria Kazzi



Do your kids play a sport, take dance classes or have a school camp coming up. Perhaps they’re staying over a friends place or going to the grandparents during the holidays or over the weekend? Let’s face it, getting kids organised can be a task in itself! Well we’re here to make it fun and easy with these 7 simple hacks to teach your children organisation with Kazzi Kovers packing cells/covers for when travelling, playing sport or any activity.

Some kids are naturally more organised than others but by developing good organisational skills early on, it gives children a sense of accomplishment when a task is completed. Being organised puts them ahead the class when they learn how to better manage their time and space more effectively by implementing routines and structure to create balance and better time management in their everyday environments.


1. Checklists

    Every child needs a checklist of what they will need for school, travel or other activities. Get your children into the habit of writing out a “To-Do List” or a “Must bring list” thechecklist night before. Anything and everything they need to remember should be written down where they can easily find it and see it. Be it in a diary, a smartphone, a planner, a whiteboard, or a calendar. However which way they choose to write out their list, encourage them to 'tick off the task' when it has been completed.


    “There is a sense of achievement when your child ticks off a completed tasks and it’s a great confidence and self-esteem builder!”


      2. Stay Overs | School Camp

        Kids-sport-activitiesKids have a tendency to throw everything in their bag without thought for consequences, particularly those left over, pungent half eaten sandwiches or smelly sport shoes. It is important to teach children the skill of organisation and finding that what they need is within arm’s reach. How? By segmenting their bag. You put their lunch in the lunch box so why not put their shoes in a separate breathable cotton bag, or their clothes or a change of clothes in a different colour cotton bag. This way, they learn to associate what is in the bag with a colour and it enhances their memory as what they need can be found at a quick glance. 

        Remember to lay out all the items your child is taking with them for holiday, camp, a stay over or just for the day. This way they can clearly see what is, what isn’t and if they really need that item.

        Avoid plastic bags; they smell, promote bacteria and are not good for the environmentplastic-bags-land-fill. It can take between 20 - 1000 years for a plastic bags to decompose, if at all. This creates copious amounts of dangerous land-fill and will impact future generations.

        Instead, swap out plastic bags with breathable, acid-free, reusable 100% Cotton Covers and protect the longevity of our environment.  

        Our fun, colourful range of cotton covers will minimise odours whilst keeping order in their school bag, their bedroom and their suitcase for travelling. Segmenting their belongings will also minimise the intertwining (swoosh) of clothes and books in their bag and keep their belongings neatly packed and easily accessible which will save them time.



          3. Sport | Dance Classes | Other Activities

            chevron-and-fuchsia-pink-cotton-packing-cellsMost kids love to play sport or participate in extra curricular activities. Be it dance classes, football, or perhaps even play a musical instrument. It is no doubt you have heard “Where is this, Mum?” or “Where are my shoes?” With such busy lifestyles and keeping up with all their interests some things will be amiss. Again, segmenting what they need for each particular activity and putting it away (more info below) will make it easier for them to find when needed.

            The Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Covers range can be best used; Eg: place dance shoes inchevron-and-blue-cotton-packing-cells the Fuchsia Pink (small) cotton cover and then leotards in the Zulu Leopard cotton cover (pictured left). They are kept separate, avoid belongings rubbing against each other due to a protective barrier and are very easily visible when required. Same for football: For example, use the Midnight Blue cotton cover for socks and shoes and the Ziggy bag (pictured right) for a change of clothes. Simple and Ideal for all their needs. 





            Breathable-garment-bags-australiaOur Premium 100% Cotton Garment Covers are perfect for travelling with costumes to eisteddfods and storing their school blazers, jackets, coats and more - both in the off-seasons or for their siblings down the track. Each cream-coloured garment bag fits up to 3 items and is hygienic, breathable, acid-free and lightweight. Offers protection from dust, dirt, insects, mould and mildew all year round. You’ll love them!




            4. Separate Clean Items | Dirty Items

            Kazzi Kovers fun cotton bags are the kids ideal companion when teaching your kids to separate their clean clothes from their dirty ones - especially on camp or visiting the grandparents. As one would never want to mix dirty from clean! Right?

            green-cotton-covers-bagsIt’s easy to pack the kids clean items in one cover and put dirty beige-cotton-covers-bagsclothes in another cotton cover. It will save time in the long run and teach the kids that everything has a place. Each cotton cover has a double-sided zip for ease of access and also creates a fully-sealed enclosure for their belongings (so nothing falls out ) and their items are protected against pesky insects and more. For example: your child can have a green cotton cover for clean clothes and a beige cotton bag for dirty clothes. Or a green cover for shorts and a beige cover for dresses. Simples! This collection comes in a range of fun colours and Mix ‘n’ Match options. 


              5. Put it Away

                Organisation is a skill learned over time. Encourage your children to put away (insert whining!) dirty clothes, toys, school stuff, (and the list goes on) immediately after using it or when they come home from school, or a friends place or the day out. It is such a simple thing to do when they get into the routine of doing so. It will give your children the same feeling of ‘ticking it off the list’ as the task is completed – even if it just builds their self-esteem and confidence – that’s gotta be a bonus!

                Children will learn that everything has an allocated spot and they’ll know where to find it the next time they need it - instead of asking mum or dad where it is. Putting things away will instantly clear up valuable space in your home environment and prevent the build-up of clutter from reoccurring which can only be a positive reinforcement for all involved.


                  6. Monitor their Progress

                    This is self-explanatory and works in conjunction with all the other points noted. Keep tabs on your child’s progress and how they are developing and maintaining their organisational skills. It may take a bit of encouragement but by making it fun and with meaningful praise they will soon find their rhythm and learn that organisation is beneficial to them in school, at home and in life - especially with Kazzi Kovers!  


                    Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!’

                    Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers



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