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Delicates Wash Bags are the simple, effective and flawless way to launder and extend the life of your lingerie, hosiery, swimwear, sensitive fabrics (wool, cotton, lace, silk) and other fine garments in the wash. 

Not only do they protect your items from snagging, fraying and tangling in the wash but they are recommended to create a safe barrier between your delicate items and other garments' particularly with the rough and tumble during the wash cycle.  


1 | Check the care instructions label first

Care instructionsIt’s important to check the care instructions on the label before washing your delicates. This ensures the best possible care for laundering your lingerie and other items.

Most experts recommend that you hand wash your delicates to significantly extend their life. With such busy lives and catching up on entire seasons of Netflix, you can save time by setting the machine to a COLD wash on a GENTLE CYCLE or delicate cycle as it's the closet setting to hand washing. 


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| TIP: Washing machine cycles are based on the speed of the wash and spin cycles. The slower the speed, the less abrasion and agitation your delicates and garments are subjected to. In the case of your bras, slower is better because the elastic and any embellishments on the bra benefit from dealing with less stress and less rough and tumble during the wash cycle. |


2 | Choose a Premium Quality Wash Bag

The most common fabrics for wash bags are mesh, polyester and nylon. Of these, fully enclosed nylon wash bags are recommended as they are more durable, resistant to tears and abrasions and are the preferred fabric to better protect your garments during the agitation of the wash cycle. 

Mesh bags with netted holes are potentially damaging and more likely to get hooked, snagged, pulled or frayed in the wash. Polyester fabrics are the cheapest of the three fabrics and only go so far before you have to replace them, which is not cost-effective.

Kazzi Kovers offers a premium range of 100% Nylon Delicates Wash Bags. Available in Regular and Large sizes, these premium laundry bags can be used over and over again and provide optimal cleansing of your delicates, garments, linens, manchester, kids toys, pet toys and other items.

We've also included a large metal zip puller, which is easy to grip and provides easy-glide, open and close access. The rustproof puller measures an impressive 2.8 cm and better assists those with arthritis and it is great for those that find it hard to wrap their fingers around annoying small zippers. Love that! (More information below.)

Kazzi Kovers Delicates Wash Bags

3 | Wash Inside Out / Zip It Up

Embellished denim jeans with beadsIf you have delicates or garments that include beading, are screen-printed or have embellishments sewn into the fabric, it’s a good idea to turn them inside out before washing to prevent snagging and rubbing on other garments.

This helps secure and better protects the embellishments while prolonging the wearability of your pieces.  

PRO TIP |  Keep small items such as delicates, socks, and scarves in laundry wash bags to prevent them from finding their way into the washing machine pump – it will be difficult and costly to remove them or they will never be seen again!.

4 | Never Iron Your Delicates


Iron and steam
To extend the life of your pieces, never iron or put your bras and delicate pieces in the dryer. This can cause them to shrink, shrivel and potentially disfigure the shape of your bras, lingerie, and natural and sensitive fabrics.


Also, the direct heat of the iron onto the elastic will fast-track the deterioration process as the penetrating heat can cause all sorts of damage. Damage can include fabric disfiguration (shape), weakening of the fabric fibres, colour fade and melting delicate fabrics such as lace, silks, satins and fine garments.  

5 | Dry Flat

Bras pegged on washing lineWe've all just pegged our bras to dry by their straps on the clothesline. It's so quick and easy to do. By hanging your bras and finer pieces, you are potentially creating fabric stretch and deconstructing the material fibres.

Over time, gravity will also pull down the elasticity and change the shape of the garments to the point where they won't fit properly. 

Instead, treat your delicates - especially your bras and wool garments - with a bit of extra TLC and lay them flat on a towel to dry so that they maintain their shape and keep the fabric supple and well-fitted.

If you are hand washing your lingerie, don’t wring them or attempt to squeeze the excess water out as you’ll risk distorting their shape. Instead, pat them dry, then lay flat. Either way, you’ll get a lot more wears out of them! 

6 | Store Your Lingerie in Cotton Lingerie Bags

Blue cotton lingerie storage bag


You’ve just spent all this time washing and drying your delicates, don’t ruin it by just tossing them in the drawer or cupboard. Instead, neatly store your camisoles, negligee, slips, teddy's, lingerie sets and more in Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Lingerie Bags

Kazzi Kovers fully-enclosed Lingerie bags will not only help you protect your lingerie from the elements like dust, dirt. insects and moisture but they will also help maintain the shape of your most delicate lingerie pieces when stored properly.

Unlike most lingerie bags with just the zip across the top, we've made it super simple to store and pack your loves (especially when travelling) by adding a double-sided zip across the top and down one side of each 100% cotton bag.

Kazzi Kovers Lingerie Storage Bags | 100% Cotton

Remember to always take extra care in protecting and storing your lingerie, bras, hosiery, swimwear, sensitive fabrics (wool, cotton, lace, silk) and other fine garments in the wash by laundering them in Kazzi Kovers Wash Bags

These simple steps can go a long way in extending the life and wearability of your favourite and delicate pieces.


Thanks for reading.  

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Kazzi Kovers® | Updated 18th August 2022. 

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  • Safeguards your delicates, lingerie, hosiery and finer garments during the wash cycle
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  • Prevents snagging, ripping and tearing your clothing in the wash
  • Minimises pilling of sensitive and delicate garments
  • Minimises fluffing in the washing machine
  • Includes easy to grip large zip-puller | Great for those with arthritis and long nails
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