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Simple Tips To Store Your Hosiery

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Maria Kazzi


It’s that time of the year where your hosiery drawers may look like a hot mess of tangled tights, stockings, leggings and socks. Well… Help is on the way! These simple tips will aid in extending the life of your hosiery and we'll share with you a quick 'how to' to organise your drawers so that your hosiery is at arms reach. 


Keep it Clean

When washing your hosiery always use a good quality nylon or mesh wash bag.laundry-bags-wash-bags    Make sure you separate your bras from your hosiery to avoid hooks and embellishments snagging and ripping your favourite pair of stockings! If you have the time and want to take extra care of your delicates, hand washing is also a good option. Once washed, lay flat on a towel to dry to avoid unwanted stretch and to extend the lifespan of your hosiery.

Tip: Keep items such as your stockings, leggings and delicates in laundry bags to prevent them from finding their way into the washing machine pump – it will be difficult to remove them or they will never be seen again!


Draw Dividers

drawer-dividersDrawer dividers are a great way to organise your drawers! Dividers segment your drawers and make it easy to see and access your hosiery. They’re available from most department and storage retailers. Be it a wooden divided tray, thick cardboard, or plastic dividers that interlock with each other and can be cut down to accommodate your storage space/drawers.

Either way, make sure they have a smooth or protective surface to avoid undesirable runs or holes in your stockings / leggings. 

Separate and Coordinate Styles

It will make it easier to find and access your hosiery when you take the initial time to separate different styles into rows and align them in your drawers. Of course take up as many rows as your collection requires, these are just examples…

Row One – Leggings and Stockings: Fold in half lengthways and then fold again and lay flat in drawer. Or you can roll them up, or tuck the tights so you end up with a tidy ball. It's also good to invest in a pair of stockings or tights with reinforced toes to prevent toes poking through.

Tip: Always use the “scrunch up the legs from hip to toe” method for putting on your tights and stockings

Row Two Tights: Fold in half lengthways and then fold again and lay flat in drawer. Or you can roll them up and tuck the tights so you end up with a tidy ball.


Row Three – Knee Highs: These are easy to organise and store as they take up very little room. Just make sure you keep them together.

Row Four – Socks: Fold the top ends only. Or roll and then tuck the end so you end up with a sock ball.


Storage Dust Bags

fuchsia-pink-leopard-print-cotton-bags-packing-cellsMake sure your tights, leggings, stockings and socks are stored in a cool and dry environment to minimise moisture and mildew build up. Storing your hosiery in hot and humid areas where little air circulates will shorten the lifespan as it can cause the material to sweat and jeopardise the integrity of the nylon and the fabric in the long term.

Lingerie-and-hosiery-dust-bagsAlso, constant exposure to dust can damage your hosiery so another alternative is storing your hosiery in 100% Cotton Dust Covers or bags (particularly in the off seasons). The benefit of the latter, is storing your favourite and delicate pieces in breathable cotton covers ensures protection from dust, mould, mildew and pesky insects. When winter comes around again you'll know that your hosiery has been well protected from these elements and you can wear your hosiery immediately. 



Whether you prefer to see your hosiery laid out in drawer dividers or stored properly in 100% Cotton Dust Covers / dust bags, the most important point to remember is that your hosiery is protected from snagging and potential runs. Also, when you segment your lingerie and hosiery in cotton bags, you can easily find them when needed - especially as they have been properly organised and are easily accessible when needed.

These 100% cotton bags are great for travelling with your hosiery and lingerie!

You'll work out which storage method works best for you .. so embrace these easy and effective tips!


Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!’

Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers

(Updated: 8.1.18)


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