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Travel with Kazzi Kovers

Posted on December 11, 2017 by Maria Kazzi



We all love a holiday! From choosing the destination to the planning, to seeing and experiencing new cultures and food... this all adds to the excitement of travelling!

Whether you are an occasional or well-seasoned traveller; be it a day trip, an overnight stay or an overseas trip - you will need to pack for your travels.

Due to increased costs, many manufacturers are cutting down on compartmentalised space in your suitcase or carry-ons so it forces us to look for other, more effective ways to pack. Airlines are also placing restrictions on the weight of your luggage and both industries have certainly made it harder to comfortably pack your clothes and keep your belongings tidy, organised and safe during your travels.  

There is a simple solution... 100% Cotton Packing Cells

Kazzi Kovers Packing Cells and covers are the ultimate space saver and your best travel companion and accessory when it comes to packing your suitcase or overnight bag.



Made from 100% cotton, for lovers of natural fibres, they are the lightweight and favourable alternative because they allow your garments and belongings to breathe. Each cotton bag minimises nasty odours that can get trapped in your suitcase whilst travelling. 

Designed with a double-sided zipper and very spacious opening, you will find it easy to access what you are looking for at a glance. Love that! Because no one wants to be wasting precious holiday fun-time rummaging around their suitcase or drawers to find that shirt or dress in a hurry! It's all there, organised and in it's place - from suitcase to drawer or drawer to suitcase, or otherwise!

Each packing cell will also fit effortlessly into any space, shelf, drawer, bag, cupboard, suitcase or crevice as they are unstructured and unhindered.This makes for better use of space on your shelves, in your suitcase or bag.


We're Environmentally Friendly.. 

Environmentally-friendlyCotton takes up to 3 - 6 months to break down where as other materials can take up to 100-200 years, if at all, to breakdown. Each bag or packing cell is environmentally-friendly due to the natural cotton fibres which makes Kazzi Kover Packing Cells the best alternative to plastic bags, mesh, nylon or polyester packing cells.


Why We Love Cotton Packing Cells

  • Cotton is a natural fibre
  • Low maintenance fabric
  • Lightweight | Hygienic | Acid-Free
  • Reflects heat in warmer climates
  • Provides insulation in colder climates
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • You can wash your packing cells whilst travelling (unlike their alternate counterparts) because no one wants a whiffy suitcase!
  • Avoid using plastic bags, nylon, polyester or non-woven packing cells as they are unhygienic and create undesirable odours in confined spaces  
  • Kazzi Kovers packing cells are reasonably quick to dry so you can get on with sight-seeing and your adventures

That's why they're perfect for all types of travellers!  


Kazzi Kovers Packing Cells:


  • Each packing cell keeps your contents neat, tidy and completely sealed for privacy 
  • Travel: Eg. laptops, cords, clothes, shoes, accessories and more
  • All types of clothing. Eg: dresses, pants, delicates, shirts, jumpers and more
  • Passport | Travel wallets | Smaller or Delicate Items
  • Lingerie | Underwear
  • Seasonal Items: Winter | Summer 
  • Delicate Pieces: Cashmere | Wool | Lace | Embellished Items
  • Handbags | Clutches | Embellished Bags
  • Scarves | Gloves | Belts | Ties
  • Hats | Fascinators
  • Beach: Eg keys, sunglasses, spare clothes
  • Dance Wear
  • Costumes
  • Kids Items 
  • Yoga Wear
  • Gym | Sports Gear
  • and More...


Travel with Kazzi Kovers..

Packing cells are ideal for fast, efficient packing. They make travelling so easy when you are organised and it can genuinely save you a lot of precious holiday fun-time from sifting through your luggage or bags; especially when all your belongings are properly sorted, segmented and in order and are easily visible at a glance.

Packing cells are championed by many travellers and in fact they would never leave home without them. Just remember you can use your packing cells long you've been travelling as they have many different uses . 


Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!®’ 

Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers

Updated 11.1.18


Shop Now || 100% Cotton Packing Cells


Packing Cells are a great to save space in your suitcase, during your travels or simply organise your favourite items at home. Kazzi Kovers fully-sealed packing cells are available in 3 different sizes (small, medium, large) and a range of sassy colours, prints and packs (shown below) to suit your needs!

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Colours: Midnight Blue, Green Envy, Getting Ziggy (Chevron), Fuchsia Fever, Zulu Leopard print and Latte Love.


Lingerie cotton covers



These packs are perfect for keeping your suitcase tidy and organised and your items easily accessible. Each bag will store a number of different items; clothing, shoes, cords, kids items, smaller accessories and more.

Each pack includes: 1 x small, 1 x medium and 1 x large cotton cover in the set of your choice. 


Also, available in Packs of 3 in the same size and same colour.


Mix ‘n’ Match 

These sassy Mix 'n' Match sets will store a number of different items; clothing, shoes, cords, kids items, smaller accessories and more. 

Each pack includes: 2 x small, 2 x medium and 1 x large cotton lingerie bag in the set of your choice. 



Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!®’  

Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers

Updated 10.7.18



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We pride ourselves on providing safe and natural alternatives to Protect, Organise, Store and Travel with our range of premium covers and accessories. Visit Kazzi Kovers for our full suite of products and updates.


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