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Best way to pack a suitcase

Love a holiday! From choosing our next destination to the planning to experiencing new cultures and food - this all adds to the excitement of travelling!

Whether you are a well-seasoned or occasional traveller and your packing for the day, an overnight stay or for an overseas trip, these easy packing hacks show you the most efficient and best way to pack a suitcase or carry-on for the fun times ahead.   


Packing list for travelMaking a list will help you to see everything and not forget anything. One-to-two weeks out from your travels, make a list of all the items you 'think' you will need for your travels.   

A few days before you're set to travel, organise your belongings into piles for clothing (shirts, pants, dresses, shoes), accessories (ties, belts, scarves),  electronics (tablet, laptop, charging cords, docks), toiletries (toothbrush/paste, brushes, make-up), and any miscellaneous items. Set your piles out either on the bedroom floor, the spare bedroom, the lounge, or a nook where free space is available. This way, you'll see everything you are taking with you on your trip.

Now, remove at least three-to-five items you think you may need or 'just in case I need it' items, so you don’t overpack, or worse, you're bags are overweight at check-in. If you do need an item, you can always buy it at your destination.

PRO TIP | Remember to pack what you need - no more, no less and take inventory of the remaining items and check it twice


Rolled and folded clothing in suitcaseTo roll or fold? This is the question! Using a bit of each packing technique is the most efficient way to pack your suitcase. ROLL softer garments (underwear, T-shirts, jeans, cotton garments, and knitwear). FOLD stiffer garments like jackets, blazers, dressy pants and skirts should be carefully folded or laid flat.

If you need more space in your suitcase, then roll your clothes. Make sure that the item is as flat as possible before you roll and that you do not roll in any wrinkles. You can also place these your clothing and items into cotton packing cells for added protection and better organisation.

If you have space in your suitcase or overnight bag, you can fold your clothes. To minimise wrinkles, fold your clothing along the garment's natural seam line.

PRO TIP | If you enjoy being organised (and want to save on ironing time), add acid-free tissue paper, or a cotton shirt between your garments' to prevent wrinkles.

Both techniques work. To pack for your destination, learn what best suits your needs and your luggage as you may find yourself altering between rolling and folding your items to maximize space and minimise wrinkles. 



Hair straightener and hair dryerStart by placing heavy or large items closest to the bottom of your suitcase or bag (the end with the wheels). Items with a hard case or strong structure should also be packed in the bottom layer as this helps create a solid base for your belongings you're about to layer on top. Items include your hairdryer, handbags, shoes, boots and jeans.

PRO TIP | Having a well-supported and solid base minimises the damage of your items while in transit.


Tidy and organised packed suitcase

The middle layer is generally reserved for your clothing, underwear, swimwear, kids clothes, and miscellaneous items. It's also prime space for your breakables, soft items, large items and souvenirs as this is where your belongings will be most-supported during transit.

| The middle layer essentially creates a 'buffer' or 'cushioning' for support | 




White cashmere scarf

The top layer is ideal for your delicate and light pieces including scarves, cashmere and items you want to reach for quickly when you land. The top layer is also where you would pack your dresses, suits, pants, jackets, coats, business or event attire, your wedding dress (if it's not with your carry-on). These pieces should be packed in separate Garment Bags for extra protection to avoid any stains, dirt, dust, damage or transit crush.  



Packing cells and packing cubes are super popular and are a lifesaver for any traveller.


Packing Cells | 100% Cotton
Apart from rolling or folding your travel items, packing cells also help segment your suitcase and better organise your clothes, underwear, shoes, accessories and miscellaneous items. You can use a mix of all these packing hacks.


These space-saving bags for travel are available in many variations, including mesh, polyester, nylon and cotton fabrics. These nifty bags are so practical that you can take them from your suitcase to hotel drawers in minutes. Everything you need is visible and in arm's reach, so you're not rummaging through your suitcase to find something, saving time.

For example, no one wants dull grey or black packing cells or cubes. Add a pop of colour with Kazzi Kovers 100% cotton green packing cells for your shirts and shorts and the black and white chevron print bag for your underwear. That way, you'll know what is in the bag at a glance, and your items will be protected by breathable, eco-friendly fabulous cotton, with full-zip closure for added peace of mind.

See Kazzi Kovers full range of sassy cotton packing cells and Mix ‘n’ Match Cotton Packing Cells Bags at the end of this article. 



Digital weight scale
Invest in a portable luggage scale and make sure you weigh your bags 12 - 24 hours before you board the plane. This way, you'll know how close you are to the weight limit, and you'll have time to remove any unnecessary items. If you're close to limit, consider wearing some of the heavier or bulky items on the plane.  


Delicates Wash Bags are also a great way to sort and keep your clean underwear and clothes from your dirty ones when travelling. Whether you're handwashing during your travels, using a laundry mat or hotel service, use quality wash bags to keep your items clean and to minimise lost articles.  

See Kazzi Kovers full range of Delicates Wash Bags (20% off).

Available in Regular and Large sizes.

Prints: Floral | Geometric | Nautical. 

Delicates Wash Bags | Kazzi Kovers


Kazzi Kovers Travel Jewellery BoxesKeeping your valuables safe and secured during your travels is super important. Whether you're travelling just to fun, to an event, a wedding (your own wedding), or for a special occasion or anniversary, then a secure Travel jewellery box (with lock) or a sealed pouch is best.     

The best way to pack a suitcase or carry-on bag comes with experience and testing different packing hacks and tips and finding out what works for you.

Remember to have fun, embrace your travel adventure, and live life to the fullest!

Happy Travels! :)


Thanks for reading.  

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Kazzi Kovers® | Updated 18th August 2022. 

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Kazzi Kovers takes pride in providing safe and natural alternatives to Protect, Organise, Store and Travel with our range of premium covers and accessories.

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Many travellers champion packing cells, and in fact, they would never leave home without them. These multipurpose bags are ideal for fast, efficient packing of your clothing, shoes, electronics, gadgets and other items, and they fit into any suitcase, carry-on, tote or handbag. Bonus!

Made from 100% cotton, they're breathable, eco-friendly and will minimise whiffy smells in your suitcase. Organising your suitcase or carry-on has never been easier, especially when your belongings are properly packed, segmented and are easily visible, saving you time to enjoy your travels. 

Remember, you can use your packing cells long after your travels as they have many different uses.   


  • Cotton is a natural fibre
  • Biodegradable within 5 - 6 months
  • Low maintenance fabric
  • Lightweight | Hygienic | Acid-Free
  • Reflects heat in warmer climates
  • Provides insulation in colder climates
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Avoid using plastic bags, nylon, polyester or non-woven packing cells as they are unhygienic and create undesirable odours and promote bacteria in confined spaces  
  • You can wash your packing cells while travelling (unlike their alternate counterparts) because no one wants a whiffy suitcase
  • Kazzi Kovers packing cells are quick to dry so you can get on with sight-seeing and your travel adventures.

That's why they're simply the perfect travel companion!    



  • Gadgets/Electronics. Laptops | Cords | Chargers | Docks 
  • Clothing. Shirts | Tops | Shorts | Dresses | Pants
  • Delicate Items. Lingerie | Delicates | Underwear | Bikinis | 
  • Delicate Pieces. Cashmere | Silk | Wool | Cotton | Lace | Embellished Items
  • Seasonal Items. Jumpers | Cardigans
  • Dust Bags. Handbags | Clutches | Wallets | Embellished Bags
  • Accessories. Scarves | Gloves | Socks | Belts | Ties
  • Hats | Fascinators | Caps
  • Beach. Keys | Sunglasses | Spare clothes
  • Dance Wear
  • Costumes
  • Kids Items | Baby Items
  • Yoga Wear | Gym Gear | Sports Gear
  • And More.



Packing Cells are available in different PACKS

COLOURS | Midnight Blue | Green Envy | Getting Ziggy (Chevron) | Fuchsia Fever | Zulu Leopard | Latte Love.

SIZES | Small OR Medium OR Large

3 Pack: Same size (Eg: medium) and in the same colour (Eg: Pink).

---  OR  ---

One in each size | 1 x Small + 1 x Medium + 1 x Large in the colour of your choice (displayed below).

Midnight Blue | 100% Cotton Packing Cells     Green Envy | 100% Cotton Packing Cells    

Chevron | 100% Cotton Packing Cells     Fuchsia Pink | 100% Cotton Packing Cells

Zulu Leopard | 100% Cotton Packing Cells     Latte Love | 100% Cotton Packing Cells 


MIX 'N' MATCH (5 Pack)

These sassy 5 Pack - Mix 'n' Match sets help you organise your clothing and pack suitcase more efficiently.

Fuchsia Pink + Leopard Print | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton     Latte Love + Leopard Print | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton

Latte Love + Fuchsia Pink | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton   Chevron + Fuchsia Pink | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton

Green Envy & Chevron Print | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton      Midnight Blue & Chevron (Getting Ziggy) | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton 

Midnight Blue & Latte Love | 5 Pack Packing Cells | 100% Cotton



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