5 Ways to Care For Your Shoes

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It’s true, there is a myriad of ways to care for your shoes, but whether you have seven pairs or forty pairs of shoes or more, these five simple tips will help you effectively choose, care for, organise and protect your shoes so you can enjoy wearing them for years to come.  


Lady trying on shoesWhen trying on new shoes, make sure you spend 5 - 10 minutes walking around the store both on the carpet and hard floors, and not just do a quick walk back and forth. Doing so will give you a good idea of how your foot will ‘roll’ within the shoe on different surfaces and support the 'arch' in your foot. If the arch of your foot doesn’t sit comfortably in the shoe – whether it be sandals, flats, boots, heels or otherwise – find a different style. 

If the shoes feel tight or are rubbing around your toes, feet or heels - ask for the next size up, particularly if the shoe is synthetic. It is impossible to stretch even a half size, so if they’re too small, leave them. Ill-fitting shoes will do you no favours in the short or long term so make sure you try before you buy. 

Only natural fabrics such as leather or suede will give a bit of stretch. Choosing the right shoes is all about comfort, support for your feet, and feeling good while wearing your shoes. 








Damaged red heelsEvery 12 months, or even seasonally is better, be diligent and go through your shoe collection and check each pair of shoes. Check the straps, the heels, the lining, the material, the soles, and the inner soles, any embellishments and make sure your shoe loves have not faltered, deteriorated or been damaged in any way and most importantly - are still wearable.

What you think are minor fixes may become major ones - like the red pair of shoes in the picture. My Italian leather shoes were stored in a plastic shoe storage boxes with acid-free tissue paper and silica gel satchels and the heels still crumbled as they were stored in a plastic storage box. A costly fix!

It doesn't matter if you have spent $40 or $200 on a pair of shoes, they will still crumble, eventually. It's what you do to take care of them in between that will determine their longevity and wearability. 

As a devoted shoe lover and from experience, all types of shoes should NEVER be stored in plastic or cardboard shoe boxes long term. These types of 'suffocation boxes' will fast-track shoe deterioration, and it can cause irreparable damage due to the lack of fresh air getting into your shoes. No one wants that! 

Wherever your shoes are stored, they need fresh air circulating in and around the storage space for keeping your shoes supple and prolonging their longevity. 


Shoes need to be worn regularly. I know, who would've 'thunk' it that we need to wear our shoes. The adage 'wear your shoes in' also comes to mind. If you haven’t worn a pair of shoes for six months or over a year or longer, again, check that the leather, the fabrics, and the rubber heel tab on the soles haven't dried out, peeled, cracked, crumbled, or disintegrated.

You can do this by flexing and bending the sole or simply wearing your shoes. If they’re fine, then they’re fine. But if they start to crumble while you are walking in them (or more embarrassingly, when you’re out), then you’ll know they will either need to be repaired by the shoe doctor. Or sometimes, they’ll be deemed irreparable, and there is no going back, and they’ll need to be thrown away. Sadly. Especially if they’re your favourite pair. Check your shoes!

Plastic and Cardboard Shoe Storage Boxes

Crumbling of shoe soles is a real side effect of not wearing your shoes. It can be accelerated by storing your shoes in warm, hot and humid storage spaces. Be it, your bedroom, wardrobe, closet, garage, or attic and in plastic and cardboard storage boxes – these boxes generate little to no fresh air, and that can be detrimental to long term shoe storage - as are confined spaces.

Also, if you haven't adequately aired out your shoes and put your shoes away damp, or high up on the wardrobe shelves, these factors can contribute to your shoe soles crumbling and deteriorating and your shoes being compromised. 

PRO TIP | Dressy shoes have thin soles that will wear down easily. This is known as ‘Dancer’s Sole’. The preventative measure here is to add a thin layer of protective rubber particularly if you plan on wearing your shoes frequently (like work shoes) or your favourite pair of heels to extend their wearability and their longevity.

Your shoes need to breathe - particularly after you have worn them – and before you store them seasonally or for long periods. 


Organised heels on shelvesStoring like-colour shoes together is truly effective and time-saving. You only have to do this once in your allocated storage space. Yay! You can also go one step further and store your shoes by Colour (black) – Type (heels) – Season (summer) and be all-around organised. Not only will your shoe shelves be stylish and make a statement in any room, but you’ve also made it effortless for you to see and then choose the pair you need at a glance. Bonus!

It is super important to properly store your shoes to preserve and protect the leather, delicate fabrics and their overall structure.

PRO TIP | Shoes and handbags, particularly leather, patent, embellished and prized pairs should never be stored back to back, or on top of each other, as the materials can absorb the other colour, particularly when stored in a hot and humid room and during the warmer months of the year.

It is what's known as 'colour transfer' and it can cause irreparable damage to the fabric and the leather as it 'melts' into the other items it was stored against with detrimental results. 


Cotton shoe dust bags offer many benefits when it comes to protecting and preserving your shoes. Cotton is a natural, breathable fabric. It is also acid-free, hygienic, lightweight and washable in cold water - all the hallmarks of the perfect shoe dust bag.

100% Cotton Shoe Bags

Quality Shoe bags are designed to protect all types of shoes from the elements including dirt, dust insects, mould and mildew. Shoes should never be exposed to excessive or direct sunlight as this can cause the leather or fabric to fade or deteriorate over time.

That’s why shoe bags are essential for long term shoe storage. They maintain and safeguard your shoes so you can enjoy wearing them for years to come.

We recommend Kazzi Kovers 100% cotton shoe dust bags. They’re eco-friendly (biodegrades in 5 months) and they’re the best alternative to common non-woven shoe covers (as these will crumble over time). These cheap non-woven shoe bags are sometimes included with shoe purchases, as are nylon shoe bags which trap heat.

Different Colours and Prints Shoe Dust Bags | 100% Cotton

Our luxury shoe bags will add a pop of colour to any wardrobe, bedroom, or sit comfortably on any shelf or rack. They’re also great for travelling and will easily fit in your carry-on, backpack or suitcase. With a 3-sided zip, this gives you easy and fast to access to your shoes. Most importantly, your shoes will be well protected throughout the seasons and during your travels at all times. _______________________________________________________ 

Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Shoe Bags are available in a range of fun and sassy colours and packages.

Colours. Midnight Blue | Green Envy | Getting Ziggy (chevron) | Fuchsia Pink | Zulu Leopard | Latte Love (beige).

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 5 Pack Mix ‘n’ Match Cotton Packing Cells Bags are also available in different colours and patterns.

It’s amazing how much 'mileage' you can get out of your shoes with these five simple tips, especially when you give your shoes a little TLC! 


Thanks for reading.  

Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!®.’ 

Kazzi Kovers® | Updated 18th August 2023. 

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