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5 Ways to Care For Your Shoes

Posted on January 09, 2016 by Maria Kazzi

Model and multiple high heels shoes

For all the shoe lovers ...

It’s true, there is a myriad of ways to care for your shoes but whether you have five pairs or fifty pairs of shoes or more, these 5 simple tips will help you effectively choose, care for, organise and protect your shoes so you can enjoy wearing them for years to come. 


1Try Before You Buy

Lady trying on shoesWhen trying on new shoes make sure you spend 5 - 10 minutes walking around the store both on the carpet and hard floors, and not just do a quick walk back and forth. This will give you a good idea of how your foot will ‘roll’ within the shoe on different surfaces and support the 'arch' in your foot. Also, if the arch of your foot doesn’t sit comfortably in the shoe – whether it be sandals, flats, boots, heels or otherwise – find a different style. 

If the shoes feel tight or are rubbing around your toes, feet or heels - ask for the next size up, particularly if the shoe is synthetic or not a natural fabric such as leather or suede). It is impossible to stretch even a half size, so if they’re too small, leave them. Ill-fitting shoes will do you no favours in the short or long term so make sure you try before you buy. 

It is all about comfort, support for your feet and feeling good while wearing your shoes!.


2. Twelve Month Check-Up!

Damaged red heelsEvery 12 months, or even seasonally is better, be diligent and go through your shoe collection and check the bottom soles of each pair of shoes. Bend them, check the straps, the heels, the lining, the material, the soles, the inner soles and make sure your shoe loves have not faltered, deteriorated or been damaged in any way and most importantly - are still wearable.

What you think are minor fixes may become major ones - like the red pair of shoes in the picture. These shoes are Italian leather and were stored in a plastic shoe storage boxes with acid-free tissue paper and silica gel satchels and they still crumbled. A costly fix!

Lesson: Our shoes need to breathe in the fresh open air. Shoes need to be worn regularly. I know, who would've to 'thunk' it - that we need to wear our shoes. Shoes, all types of shoes, should NEVER be encased and stored in unfavourable plastic or cardboard shoe boxes long term. 

Crumbling of shoe soles can be accelerated by warmth, heat and high humidity in your storage space. Be it, your wardrobe, closet, garage, attic or any other storage space.

If you have put your shoes away damp, or high up on the wardrobe shelf, or if you stored your shoes in confined areas with no natural airflow - these elements can contribute to the acceleration of your soles crumbling. Shoes simply need to breathe - particularly after you have worn them - and should not be confined to plastic storage boxes, cardboard boxes or areas will minimal air circulation. 

Shoes also need to be worn. The old adage 'wear your shoes in' comes to mind. plastic-and-cardboard-shoe-boxesIf you haven’t worn a pair of shoes for over a year or longer, check that the rubber heel tab and leather soles haven't dried out, or cracked or disintegrated - simply by flexing the sole. This damage can be caused by a lack of air circulation in your wardrobe, bedroom or place of storage, not wearing your shoes or simply because the storage method is unfavourable such as cardboard and plastic shoe boxes.

Damaged shoes. Faulty glue and lining.Make a habit of conditioning the shoe if you only wear them occasionally  (particularly if they are leather), or wear your shoes around the house to warm up and solidify the glue in the shoes so that they have a better chance of staying in-tact for longer. 

















Dressy shoes have thin soles that will wear down easily - and this is known as ‘Dancer’s Sole’. The preventative measure here is to add a thin layer of protective rubber particularly if you plan on wearing your shoes frequently (like work shoes) or your favourite pair of heels to extend their wearability and their longevity. 


3. Store Like-Colours Together 

It truly is effective when you store like-colours together. It is easy to see and choose the pair you need, at a glance, and when the occasion arises - and it looks stylish!

Shoes and handbags should never be stored with any other coloured leather or material; back to back, or on top of each other, as the material has a tendency to absorb the other colour, particularly in the humid and warmer months of the year.

It is what's known as 'colour transfer' and it can cause irreparable damage to the structure of your shoes (and handbags) as the fabric and colour of the material transfers or 'melts' into the other item it was stored against.

It can impossible to fix it or get it out. I know, because this is exactly what happened to my white shoes and a red leather pair of shoes when they were stored back-to-back with no protection in between - the colours meshed/melted together due to unfavourable storage conditions.  


100% Cotton | Shoe Covers

For longevity of your favourite or occasional shoes, our bold and sassy, 100% cotton shoe bags are the natural and safest alternative to cheap non-woven and mesh bags for storing your beloved shoes.














4. Organise Shoes by Colour, Type and Season

Tidy-shelves-of-shoesFor those that love to be organised; systemise your shoes by colour, type and season so that shoes that are worn most frequently are easily accessible and visible. Store less-frequently worn shoes on shoe racks or on shelves so they can breathe throughout the seasons - when they are not worn - and promote their longevity.

Switching your shoes between summer and winter seasons is not only easy but it makes your seasonal shoes quickly and easily accessible for that special occasion, saving your time and space.


5. Storing Your Shoes 

pink-chevron-packing-cells-shoe-coversShoes remain in their best condition when dust is minimalised Leopard-Louboutin-shoes-with-beige-cotton-shoe-bagand they are not exposed to excessive or direct sunlight. If your shoes are delicate; leather, patent leather, suede, embellished or you just simply love them, our sassy range of 100% cotton shoe bags will provide the added protection your shoes need from the elements such as dirt, dust, mould and mildew, so you can enjoy wearing your shoes throughout the seasons.

It is essential that air-flow is adequate wherever you store your shoes, as shoe fibres still need to breathe and so that the material and glues don't completely dry out, which can cause irreparable and costly damage. 

Kazzi Kovers 100% cotton shoe storage dust bags will brighten up any wardrobe and fit nicely into any suitcase, space or on any shelf. Your shoes will be easy to access when needed and these shoe covers are washable in cold water.  


It’s amazing how much mileage you can get out of your shoes with these 5 simple tips, especially when you give them a little extra TLC!


Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!®

Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers



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