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The Truth About Shoe Storage Boxes

Posted on June 14, 2017 by Maria Kazzi

For years, many of us have believed that storing our shoes in cardboard or plastic shoe boxes is a safe storage solution. But, is it? Sure, they keep our shoes organised and 'somewhat protected' but storing your shoes in these types of shoe boxes for long periods of time can cause irreparable damage and may affect the wearability of your beloved shoes in the long term.  

It all comes down to how you take care of your shoes, how often you wear them and more importantly how you store them. 


Here's Why ..

I’m an absolute shoe lover! And after years of experience in takingCardboard-and-plastic-shoes-boxes care of my shoes, it was only recently I discovered that storing them in these air tight plastic and or cardboard shoe boxes has seriously jeopardised their integrity and caused permanent damage to a number of my shoes.        

It doesn’t matter if you have spent $20 on a pair of shoes or $200 - keeping them in these boxes, especially the plastic ones, can cause your shoes to mould, crumble, fall apart, peel and disfigure material structure and further deteriorate your treasured pairs. Meaning, these shoe storage boxes do NO favours for your shoes longevity. 



Damaged-heels-from-storing-shoes-in-plastic-shoe-boxesWhen your shoes are not properly cared for, or are rarely worn and not exposed to the fresh air, the glue and soles will eventually dry out causing your shoes to fall apart and the heels to break away or crumble (see picture.) This is due to the lack of air circulation, improper storage methods and other environmental factors (more on this below.) 

This can be a costly fix; a minimum of $25-$150. In fact, it depends on the extent of the damage caused as to the workmanship and cost required to fix them by your shoe repairer.

Ladies (and gents, if you're reading this) .. I understand you love your shoes but you have to be realistic and ask yourself, "Are these shoes worth fixing?" Or is it better to take preventative action now and find other, safer alternatives to best store and care for your shoes? 








Five Tips For Shoe Longevity 

1. Do NOT store your shoes in plastic or cardboard shoe boxes 

  • Blocks natural air flow and air circulation
  • Creates mould and moisture build-up*
  • Dries out shoe fibres, soles, glues and leathers
  • Not always easily accessible so you end up NOT wearing your shoes 
* Even lovingly wrapping your shoes in acid-free tissue paper and adding silica gel satchels does not guarantee or protect your shoes longevity. These measures do not always stop moisture building up when stored in these types of shoe boxes especially in hot, humid storage conditions. 


    2. All shoes need to breath and be aired out

    • Air out your shoes after each wear for at least 24 hours
    • Never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row
    • Alternate pairs to give your shoes time to breathe
    • Avoid direct sunlight when airing out your shoes to minimise fading and discolouration
    • Completely dry your shoes before storing or wearing them. This will maintain shoe structure and promote shoe longevity 


    3. Wear your shoes! - Don't Just Store Them

    When you don't wear your shoes and they have been stored for long periods of timeMessy-wardrobe - 18 months or more - then expect damage to be caused sooner or later. If your shoes are buried in the back of the wardrobe or high up on the shelf stored in shoe boxes then you are even less likely to wear them because of the sheer effort required to unearth them, let alone see them!

    Instead you reach for your old favourites and forego wearing those sassy heels or boots to dinner or for a special occasion. 

    And those pairs stored in the depths of your wardrobe ... Well, they'll continue to deteriorate, unless they are worn.

    So as the old adage goes.. each time you wear your shoes, you are effectively "wearing them in" and exposing them to the elements. By doing this, you are essentially warming up the glue, that will solidify to the material which will eventually mould comfortably to the shape of your feet. Most shoes are good-to-go once you've worn them in. After all, shoes are made for walking!


    4. Shoe Storage - Shoe Racks Are Best (or open shelving)

    If space permits, I've found that shoe racks or open shelves are the ultimate and safest shoe storage solution. Why? Unlike cardboard and plastic shoe boxes, storing your loves on shoe racks naturally exposes them to fresh air and allows air to freely circulate in and around your shoes especially if there is an open window nearby (they'll love that!.) It also increases the probability of you actually wearing your shoes because they're always visible and within arms reach.

    You've spent a small or large fortune in acquiring them - so you should take great pride in wearing them, often.


    Fun Fact: Did you know that the average woman spends approximately $25,000 on shoes in her lifetime. For some of you this figure can be 2-10 times that amount.






















































    Organised-Shoe-rack-with-coloured-shoesShoe rack or shoe cubes are also quick to assemble or Shoe-storage-cubeare already built for immediate use. They're readily available in a variety of designs, colours, woods, and materials.

    Whether you have 5 pairs or 300 pairs, they will keep your shoes tidy and organised. A quick wipe down is all they need to keep them clean. Bonus!























































































    5. Shoe Storage Covers | 100% Cotton 

    Cotton-shoe-bag-covers-dustbagsFor ladies that LOVE to be organised and take extra care in protecting their shoes; especially leathers, patents, occasional, bridal and embellished shoes - Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Shoe Covers are fully-zipped cotton bags designed to safeguard all styles and fabrics of shoes against dust, insects, dirt and mould. Each bag will protect your shoes and give you years of wearability.

    Leopard-print-shoes-cotton-shoe-bagAvailable in a range of Packs and Mix ‘n’ Match colour options. Ideal for storage, home and travel purposes. Breathable, hygienic, lightweight and they're acid-free! Great for the environment.

    Ladies, storing your shoes in cardboard and or plastic shoe boxes for extended periods of time is unfavourable and can, and will, cause irreparable damage to your beloved pairs, eventually. I know, because this happened to me!

    As an absolute shoe lover, I've found that storing your pairs on shoe racks and allowing the open air to circulate through not only promotes their longevity but it is the most effective shoe storage solution; they're purposed, always visible and easily accessible and you'll be more inclined to wear your shoes! 


    Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it®!’

    Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers®

    Updated 14.10.18


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