The Truth About Vacuum Bags


Plastic vacuum and compression bags have become quite popular over the last few years for the purpose of saving space in your wardrobe and linen cupboard.

Sure, they protect your items from dust and dirt, but have you ever stopped to think about the potential risks and damage these types of 'space-saving vacuum-sealed bags' can cause to your stored items? Or the environmental impact these types of plastics and materials have on the world around us?

If you are storing your items for more than six months in these types of bags - or low-and-behold - you've forgotten about them altogether and left them in hot and humid conditions over the years, what effects do these bags have on your winter woollies, seasonal items, blankets, throws and the like?

Sure they save space; but at what cost to you, to your belongings and the environment?

We explore the natural and safe alternatives to vacuum-sealed plastic bags and why 100% Cotton Storage Bags are your go-to storage solution when it comes to protecting your favourite and seasonal items, and promoting their longevity from season to season, and year to year. 




Storing your seasonal items in a plastic vacuum or compression bag can have a detrimental effect, particularly when stored long term. 

Sure they're great space savers, however, most of these bags are manufactured from polyethylene and polyamide plastics (more on this below) and provide no real or prolonged benefit when it comes to storingand preserving your items.

In my own experience with these storage bags, they have caused considerable damage to my clothing; particularly to my more delicate and seasonal items such as my wool jumpers, beautiful cashmere tops, heirlooms, blankets and other pieces.  

What I didn't realise at the time, when I looking for a storage solution, was that these vacuum clothes bags were essentially 'sucking the life out' and 'flattening' my belongings just to save space! What? Yes, but true. 

I didn't think at the time "this can't be good," until I discovered, it wasn't!

Here's why.




Plastic doesn't breathe. With vacuum bags and plastic in general, fresh air cannot circulate in and around your wardrobe or your belongings. Fabrics need to breathe - just like us. By compressing the air out of your clothes, you are not rejuvenating the fabricx. Instead, you are suffocating the fabrics and damaging the material fibres, creating unnecessary creases and making your garments' and linens lose their shape. 

Fresh air through open doorsYou want your stored items to breathe, to have fresh air circulating in and around your wardrobe, cupboards and storage space. This 'breathing space' helps prolong their longevity and nourishes the fabric fibres so you can enjoy wearing and using your items from year-to-year and beyond. More on this below. 

Plastic melts. Have you noticed that when you store these plastic vacuum bags on top of each other, you sometimes have to peel them apart as the lack of air and warm storage conditions have caused them to stick together, over time? It does happen. Then you're faced with replacing them and this can be costly. But the biggest cost, is the replacing your cherished garments and linens, particularly if they're heirlooms, sentimental or cherished pieces.


Smelly odour from plastic vacuum bagsPlastic odour absorption. Long term storage in any kind of plastic will eventually absorb that irksome 'plastic odour' particularly when storing your belongings in closed spaces such as cupboards, attics, garages, and areas that lack air ventilation.

Discolouration and fading. Long term storage in vacuum bags can cause discolouration and fading due to unfavourable storage conditions. The longer you leave your belongings in these types of bags, the more susceptible they are to discolouration and fading. Coupling that with humid conditions and you have a recipe for disaster.   


A colour transfer can also happen. Colour transfer occurs when fabrics are stored together, and/or on top of each eacher, and the dyes can transfer from one into the other, causing damage. It can be challenging to remove these sometimes permanent stains, particularly if you've stored natural fabrics and materials in these compression bags. 


























Garbage rubbish pileThe truth is, it can take up to 450 years for plastic to degrade or completely decompose. Some plastic bottles have been known to take up to 1000 years to biodegrade and other plastic bottles made with Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE) will NEVER biodegrade.

Polyethylene is one of the most widely produced plastics in the world (tens of millions of tonnes are produced worldwide each year). It is used in plastic bottles and containers for packaging foods and beverages, personal care products, and many other consumer products are made from polyethylene - including vacuum bags!

Polyamide plastic or ‘nylons' is a plastic material often used to print 3D objects and items such as eyeglass frames, fishing lines, textiles and carpets, and it is also used in these types of vacuum bags. 

These facts will surely make you think twice about purchasing that 'plastic' bottle or cheap vacuum storage bags when there are other natural and environmentally-friendly, safe alternatives to storing your manchester and out-of-season items. 



Cotton is one of the most biodegradable fabrics available.

It can take as little as one week to biodegrade but it usually takes about 5 - 6 months making it the natural, go-to fabric Kazzi Kovers loves!  

Cotton doona with cotton branch

Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Storage Bags are the perfect solution when it comes to storing your seasonal and occasional items as cotton has many positive attributes.

  • Cotton is soft, absorbent, breathable and a natural fibre.
  • In warm climates, cotton reflects heat and in cooler climates, it provides insulation - giving your stored items the room to breathe whilst promoting their longevity all year round. Love that!
  • Cotton has high tensile strength, making it durable, strong and less likely to rip or tear (unlike plastic vacuum and compression bags).
  • Cotton can withstand many washes in hot or cold water, making it the perfect storage solution for your seasonal and occasional items.

    Kazzi Kovers Storage Bags


    Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Storage Bags are non-structured and offer a safe and superb alternative to plastic vacuum and compression storage bags. They're ideal for organising your linen cupboard (because we all love to be organised, right?), to saving space in your wardrobe and everything in between.  

    Kazzi Kovers storage bags will not trap heat, crack, peel, discolour or lose their structure over time. Unlike plastic vacuum bags, there's no fiddly valves or silicone rubber to the seal the bag – just a simple 3-sided zip closure for easy access - which makes them the safe and natural alternative for storing your seasonal items. 

    The large expanding gusset included in both the Regular and Large size storage bags makes them super spacious. You’ll be surprised at just how much each bag can accommodate! 

    Each light-grey cotton storage bag provides the ultimate protection against dirt, dust, insects (especially moths and silverfish), mould, mildew and moisture - because cotton BREATHES - and air can comfortably circulate in and around your stored belongings throughout the seasons and nourish the your stored items, and the fabric fibres.

    Seasonal Items. Our storage bags are suitable for all types of seasonal clothing including cashmere, winter woollies and accessories (which should always be laid flat to avoid fabric stretch and disfiguration) to bulky items such as ski and sports gear. They're great for storing Christmas accessories, tree skirts, placemats, wrapping paper and all things Christmas.

    Manchester. Our cotton storage bags are fantastic for protecing and storing your manchester; sheets, blankets, quilts, quilt covers, rugs, pillows, family heirlooms and occasional pieces such as a large tote or travel bags.

    Environmental impact. It is important to Kazzi Kovers, and we take great pride and care in researching and designing our collections and selecting a range of quality and premium products with the greater good, and is better for the environment.

    100% Cotton Storage Bags 

    Cotton Storage Bags | IDEAL FOR

    • Sheets | Sheet Sets 
    • Blanket Storage Bags | Throws
    • Storage Bags for Quilts | Quilt Covers | Curtains
    • Doona Storage Bags
    • Pillow Storage Bags | Small and Large Cushions
    • Seasonal Mattress Protectors | Underlays | Toppers
    • All Types of Goose or Duck | Feathers or Down || Quilts | Doonas | Pillows
    • Storage Bag for Clothes | Winter and Summer 
    • Delicate Fabrics || Cashmere | Silk | Pashmina | Wool | Lace | Cotton and More. (Delicate fabrics should be laid flat when stored long term to prevent fabric stretch.)
    • For Delicate and Embellished Cardigans | Jumpers | Shawls | Scarves | Wraps 
    • Ski Gear || Jackets | Pants | Hats | Beanies | Socks | Gloves 
    • All Sporting Gear
    • Bulky Items || Small or Large Duffels | Chatelet Duffel Bags
    • Ideal for storing your Overnight Bags and Travel Bags when not in use to protect and prolong their longevity || For Leather | Fabric | Embellished | Suede | PVC | Cloth and Other Materials
    • Heirlooms and Mementos || Handmade Quilts | Vintage Pieces & Clothing 
    • Christmas Decorations | Tree Skirts | Tablecloths | Placemats  
    • And More.



    • Material | 100% Cotton 
    • Colour | Light Grey
    • Acid-free | Lightweight | Hygienic | Low Maintenance
    • Protection against dirt, dust, insects (especially moths), mould, mildew and moisture
    • Protects and preserves the longevity of your stored items due to the breathable cotton fabric
    • Includes self-healing, 3-sided zip for easy storage and access to your items
    • Identification Window | 10.5 cm (L) x 7 cm (H)
    • Includes Blank Label Cards | FREE with purchase to clearly label your storage bags
    • Suitable for short and long term storage 
    • Machine washable in cold water
    • For home, storage, and travel purposes.

     Kazzi Kovers Cotton Storage Bags are simply perfect and practical all year round! 

    Kazzi Kovers Storage Bag | Size Guide


    TIPS: Remember to Wash and Clean Before Storing Your Belongings

    • Follow the care instructions of the items that you wish to store, particularly delicate fabrics.
    • Wash and remove all deodorant, food scraps, hair follicles, smoke, perfumes and contaminants before storing your items.
    • Make sure your items are completely dry before storing them in 100% Cotton Storage Bags for seasonal and long term purposes.


    Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Storage Bags are the safest and most practical way to store your out-of-season blankets and doonas or safeguarding delicate, wool, cashmere pieces and family heirlooms. They're great for the environment, too.

    We Love That!

    Thank you for reading, and remember to take care of your cherished seasonal items and store them safely in breathable cotton storage bags, so you can enjoy them for years to come. 

    Thank you for reading :) 

    Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers 

    Updated: 5th November 2020 


    Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers


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    3 LARGE | Cotton Storage Bags


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    LARGE Size | 70 cm (L) x 50 cm (W) x 20 cm (H)
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    We pride ourselves on providing safe and natural alternatives to Protect, Organise, Store and Travel with our range of premium covers and accessories.

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