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Your wedding day was a memorable day filled with treasured moments with friends and family. Your dress was a show-stopper!

It's time to think about how you’re going to preserve and store your cherished wedding dress. The sooner the better is the key – either before you go on your honeymoon or upon your arrival home. Or if you have a family member or friend take care of it, that is also a good option. 

The key to preserving your wedding dress and avoiding the cost of expensive repairs is to take the time after your wedding day to carefully clean, store and safeguard your wedding dress.

After all, it's the piece that will last a lifetime.   

Use a Professional Dry Cleaner

Professionally cleaning and safely storing your dress in the right type of Garment Bag will preserve your bridal gown and allow it to age gracefully so that you have a keepsake or an heirloom for generations to come, and cherished memories of your special day.

To clean and preserve your wedding dress take it to a reputable dry cleaner as soon as possible so stains don't permanently set in. Professional dry cleaners are equipped with the experience and the specialised tools to safely care for your wedding gown and prepare it for careful storage.

Their trade secrets and expertise will assist in preventing permanent stains, dirt, perspiration, and skin oil from settling into the delicate and the embellished fabrics - which is why it's important to have your dress cleaned so soon after your wedding day. 

Say NO to Plastic and Non-Woven Garment Bags

We repeat: Say NO to plastic and non-woven garment bags! If you are choosing to store your wedding dress in a plastic or non-woven garment bag (perhaps included with your dress purchase) - or were thinking of doing so - Don't! 

You'll find that the most common types of bridal garment bags are manufactured from a plastic called PEVA which is often used in shower curtains. When used for storage purposes, these plastic storage bags do not allow for changes in humidity and are unfavourable for short and long term storage of your gown.

Non-woven and Plastic Garment Bag





100% Cotton Garment Bags are your best storage option for wedding dress preservation (more on this below).

Plastic Garment Bags

Plastic Garment BagsPlastic garment bags cause mould, fading and discolouration (yellowing). This damage is accelerated if the garment is exposed to elements like heat, humidity, sunlight and moisture in your wardrobe. 

Plastic bags hold moisture and do not allow your wedding dress to breathe. The delicate fabric fibres in your wedding dress cannot breathe whilst been trapped inside this type of plastic garment bag. While the lack of fresh air can cause irreparable damage to your gown and accessories including your veil and embellished belts when stored for long periods of time.  

Discolouration to your wedding dress can also be caused by BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) and anti-oxidant found in these plastic bags. The detrimental effects to your wedding dress and the delicate fabrics including lace, chiffon, satin, silk and other fabrics can be irreplaceable. Once the gown is discoloured, it can be very difficult and costly to bring it back to its natural glory. 



















Non Woven Garment Bags

Black non woven garment bagThe other main type of garment bags to avoid when it comes to storing your wedding dress (or any garments) is the non woven fabric garment bags. This fabric is similar to the green grocery fabric bags found in supermarkets.

These cheap bags are regularly used for bridal garment bags and come in various colours and densities. They also contain plastic or resin and they don't allow for air to comfortably circulate in and around your wedding dress. They are not eco friendly and they are not biodegradable. 


Non woven bags will disintegrate and crumble over time under the harsh humidity.                            

Crumbled non-woven bagsHumid conditions will cause damage to your stored gown by either having the dress cover fabric melt (as it's made from plastic or resin), or the bag will crumble into a thousand fragments.

This leaves your gown uncovered and exposed to the elements and subliminally allows dust, dirt, insects (especially moths), sunlight to enter the back and moisture to develop. It's even worse if you forget to check on your wedding dress or don't air it out every 8 - 12 months or you've forgotten about it altogether. I get it, life gets busy!

As a lover of taking care of my garments, and through extensive research and research, plastic and non-woven garment bags are detrimental for long term wedding dress storage, in fact, all garment storage.

These ineffective dress covers do no favours for the environment or your beloved gown and actually do more harm than good. 



Bridal Garment Bags | 100% Cotton

When deciding between storage options for your wedding dress, and for travelling with your dress on your big day, you can't go past Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Bridal Garment Bags. 

LARGE Bridal Cover | Simple Bridal Gowns

Large Bridal Cover for simple wedding gowns.

SIZE: 165 cm (H)  x 65 cm (L) x 10 cm (W)

Kazzi Kovers Large Bridal Cover includes one cotton loop, and one full length side zipper with a 10 cm gusset (width).

Ideal for. Wedding Dress | Bridal Dress With Train | A-Line | Empire | Mermaid | Sheath | Column | Tea Length | Simple Gowns | Short or Long Veil.

Large Bridal Cover | 100% Cotton


EXTRA LONG Bridal Cover | Fuller Bridal Gowns

Extra Long Bridal Cover for the fullest of bridal gowns.

SIZE: 185 cm (H)  x 80 cm (L) x 40 cm (W)

The Extra Long Bridal Cover is incredibly spacious and designed to accommodate more robust gowns and skirts. The dress cover includes two cotton loops, and two full length side zips with a 40 cm gusset (width) for easy access and storage. 

Ideal for Long Bridal Gown | Princess Gown | Ball Gown | Trumpet Gown | Dress With A Full Skirt. Eg. Tulle | Dress With A Long Train | Dress with a Long Train and Veil. Eg. Cathedral Veil.

TIP | Roll Your Train. When travelling with or storing your gown, it is better to ROLL a long train with acid-free tissue paper in between the folds, than it is to FOLD a long train. Rolling reduces creases and is more nuturing towards delicate fabrics, especially when stored long term. While the acid-free tissue paper creates a protective barrier between the delicate and embellished fabrics.)

 Extra Long Bridal Garment Cover | 100% Cotton

 Bridal Garment Bag | Features

  • Material | 100% Cotton 
  • Zipper | Nylon
  • Colour | Cream
  • Breathable | Acid Free | Lightweight | Hygienic | Low Maintenance
  • Protection against dirt, dust, insects (especially moths), mould, mildew and moisture build-up
  • Allows fresh air to circulate in and around your wedding dress due to the breathable natural cotton fabric
  • Preserves and protects your gown unfolded
  • For travelling with your dress on your wedding day
  • For storage of your wedding gown after your big day
  • Safeguards against fading and discolouration
  • Reinforced hanger opening to securely hold and store your dress
  • A double stitched, strong cotton loop is sewn in at the bottom for your convenience, so it's simple for you to fold the bag over when travelling to and from your wedding destination
  • Suitable for short and long term storage
  • Machine washable in cold water
  • For Home | Storage | Business | Travel | Hotel Purposes.


They are simply perfect and practical even if we do say so ourselves!



Never store your wedding dress on a wire or plastic hanger 

Wire and plastic hangers are cheap and lack the support your wedding dress needs. If you have stored your dress in a humid or moisture-filled wardrobe or space with little to no airflow for extended periods of time, the wire can sometimes tarnish your dress and the wire colour can transfer to your gown and cause an embedded stain that can be deemed irreparable.

Wired clothes hangers

Invest in a premium wood hanger

Your dress should always be stored on a well constructed premium wood hanger to maintain the structural integrity of your dress and reduce creasing.

It is recommended that your dress be stored in a space where airflow is sufficient and can circulate comfortably in and around your gown to preserve the delicate fabrics and embellishments and enrich the preservation of your wedding gown.

Kazzi Kovers beautifully crafted FSC® 100% Certified European Beech Wood are the ultimate wood for hangers. Our wood hangers are custom made, stylish, contoured (to mimic your shoulders' shape) and incredibly durable to withstand the heaviest of garments.

Each bridal hanger is designed and purposed to ensure your dress' shape, structure and the fabric integrity is fully supported for long term storage and  garment care.

Bridal dress hanger

Storing Your Gown | Check List

  • Have the gown professionally dry cleaned.
  • Check that your Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Garment Bag is fully-zipped
  • Hang the dress in the darkest place possible to avoid light, discolouration, pesky insects, airborne particles and dust.
  • You can store your veil with your dress but make sure it is wrapped in white acid-free tissue paper or a natural white cotton (preferred) shirt or material to separate the dress from the veil when storing. 
  • Do not use wire or plastic hangers to store your dress as over time these materials will inevitably cause damage
  • Kazzi Kovers exclusive European German Beech Wood Bridal Hangers are the perfect companion to support your gown. Available in Natural Wood Grain or Walnut with a smooth gloss finish.
  • Do not store your gown in plastic or non-woven garment bag. Over time these materials tend to crumble and cause detrimental damage to your gown. These materials/fabrics will also cause discolouration and fading to your gown when stored for long periods of time. 
  • Ensure that airflow and ventilation on either side of your wedding dress is sufficient, which is essential in protecting the gown from mould, moisture build-up and mildew.
  • Kazzi Kovers Cotton Garment Bags are easy to inspect the dress periodically and require no awkward refolding as boxed methods.
  • Periodically, once every 8 to 12 months, take the dress out fo the garment bag and gently shake it so unnatural creases do not form. Also, allow the dress to breathe outside the garment cover to preserve it and then return to storage. 

When your wedding dress is properly stored and protected, it stays free from discolouration, fading, broken spots of fabric and reduces creasing.

It is important to safeguard your bridal gown in a 100% Cotton Garment Bag so you can enjoy this special piece, and perhaps it will become a family heirloom for generations to come.  

Thanks for reading.

Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!®.’  

Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers® 

Updated 12th May 2022.

Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers®



LARGE (or long) | Bridal Garment Bag

SIZE: 165 cm (H) x 65 (L) x 10 cm (W)
  • Long Coats
  • Wedding Dress Formal
  • Cocktail Dresses | Gowns
  • Embellished and Beaded Garments
  • Delicate and Natural Fibres (leather, wool, silk, suede, furs, faux-furs, velvet)
  • Seasonal Garments
  • Saris | Kaftans
  • All Types of Costumes
  • Vintage Clothing | Uniforms
  • Heirlooms and more. 
LARGE Garment Bag | 100% Cotton  

REGULAR Garment Bags

SIZE: 110 cm (H) x 65cm (L) x 10 cm (W)

  • Suits | Jackets | Coats |
  • 3/4 Length Coats
  • Dresses | Cocktail | Formal Dresses
  • Embellished | Beaded Garments
  • Delicate and Natural Fibres (leather, wool, silk, lace, suede, fur, velvet)
  • Seasonal Garments
  • Jabots | Bar Jackets
  • Saris | Kaftans
  • All Types of Costumes
  • Sporting Attire
  • Vintage Clothing | Uniforms
  • Heirlooms and more.


REGULAR Garment Bag | 100% Cotton  


Whether you have a favourite suit , dress, jacket, coat, or a one-off piece that you wish to protect, or perhaps an heirloom, our Kazzi Kovers all-in-one packages are ideal and offer great value when it comes to garment longevity, and providing garment support.

Each package includes your choice of one 100% Cotton Garment Bag (Regular or Large), and one FSC® 100% Certified European German Beech Wood Hanger.  

Ideal for your occasional, seasonal and one-off pieces such as your suits, dresses, formal and cocktail wear, wedding dress, coats, jackets, costumes, sporting attire, heirlooms and more. 

Wood Hangers are available in Natural Wood Grain or Walnut colours.


Includes: 1 x REGULAR Garment Bag + 1 x Wood HANGER

Kazzi Kovers all-in-one packages are ideal for your occasional, seasonal and one-off pieces. Protect and store your suits, dresses, coats, jackets, pants, skirts, formal attire, costumes and vintage pieces, sporting apparel and more. 

Choose your HANGER SIZE | Clothes, Suit/Dress or Coat Hanger

Choose your HANGER COLOUR | Natural Wood Grain or Walnut 

SAVE: $1.00 - $3.00

Kazzi Kovers REGULAR Garment Bag + NATURAL Wood Hanger


Kazzi Kovers REGULAR Garment Bag + WALNUT Wood Hanger



Includes: 1 x LARGE Garment Bag + 1 x Wood HANGER

Kazzi Kovers all-in-one packages are ideal for your occasional, seasonal and one-off pieces. Protect and store your suits, dresses, coats, jackets, pants, skirts, formal attire, costumes and vintage pieces, sporting apparel and more. 

Choose your HANGER SIZE | Clothes, Suit/Dress or Coat Hanger

Choose your HANGER COLOUR | Natural Wood Grain or Walnut 

SAVE: $1.00 - $3.00


Kazzi Kovers LARGE Garment Bag + NATURAL Wood Hanger


Kazzi Kovers LARGE Garment Bag + WALNUT Wood Hanger


Kazzi Kovers takes pride in providing safe and natural alternatives to Protect, Organise, Store and Travel with our range of premium covers and accessories.


See Kazzi Kovers for our full suite of products, tips and updates.


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