Storing Your Clothes in a Plastic Garment Bag? Don’t!

 Plastic Garment Bags

Storing your clothes in a plastic garment bag is a quick and easy solution to garment storage.

Sure these types of bags protect your garments from dust and dirt, but they are only suitable for short term storage. Other than that, they have no real long term storage benefits. In fact, the opposite.

Suppose you store your garments in these plastic garment covers in a hot and humid wardrobe (or any storage area) with little to no ventilation. In that case, the effects are even more detrimental, and you're doing more harm than good to your beloved pieces.  

You only realise that the damage has been done when the next season comes around. You go to reach for your wool suit or your favourite leather jacket or cocktail dress only to find that moths have ravaged through the delicate fabrics or mould has developed due to unfavourable storage conditions. 

It does happen, and you can be completely unaware of the damage plastic garment bags can cause until it's too late. 

How to protect your garments and preserve their longevity.


The golden rule for promoting garment longevity is that our garments need to breathe - like us (I know, crazy!) - but they do.

Whether you are storing your dresses, suits, jackets, coats, costumes or heirlooms or any garment, you must leave enough space between your garments to allow fresh air to circulate and nourish the fabric fibres in your wardrobe or storage space.  

If air cannot comfortably circulate in and around your garments, or your clothes are jam-packed like sardines in your closet in plastic, non-woven, PEVA, nylon or those nasty plastic dry cleaning bags - then damage can ensue.   


There are various types of garment bags. The main materials are non woven, PEVA, PVC, plastic garment bags and plastic dry cleaning bags. 

Non woven, PEVA and PVC garment bags are not breathable and can cause moisture to be trapped in and around your garments. 

Different types of garment bags | Kazzi Kovers
For many years, I stored my garments in plastic storage bags. I learned that trapped moisture has nowhere to go, particularly in hot and humid conditions, except to be absorbed into your stored garments causing (sometimes) irreparable damage. Similar to what happened to my leather jacket, which I was lucky enough to save - at a cost! More on this below.

I also learned the hard way that using these types of bags to store your garments long term can also stain, discolour, and fade your clothing and cause fabric and structural breakdown. Today, I avoid them altogether.

Plastic dry cleaning bags should NEVER be used to store your garments. The only purpose of these bags is to get your freshly-pressed clothes from the dry cleaners to your home safely. That is it! 

Although some dry cleaners have gone "green", the standard clear plastic bags used can cause garment yellowing and fading when stored long term. 

Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) is a chemical anti-oxidant found in plastic dry cleaning bags. When BHT comes into contact with impurities in the air and moisture, it forms a yellow pigment that transfers to the fabric. (BHT can also be found in food, cosmetics, jet fuel as an additive to 'preserve' a product or item - when, in fact, it can be detrimental in more ways than one.)

Plastic dry cleaning bags are not only harmful to our environment; they also don't allow sufficient air to flow in and around your garments. The plastic bag traps in the moisture and, if left for extended periods, can cause staining, discolouration, mildew growth, weakening of the fibres, and yellow spots can also form, especially on delicate fabrics and when exposed to excessive sunlight. Sometimes you only notice these imperfections when you get ready to wear the garment, only to realise it's too late - the damage has been done!  


Mould on jacketI realised the detrimental damage that could be done when I had stored my black leather jacket in a plastic garment bag for less than 1.5 years. 
Mould spores had developed, particularly on the hem of the jacket.

I thought, how could this happen? I believed that using a plastic garment bag to "protect" my jacket would suffice.

I was 'protecting' my jacket, right? Wrong. I realised that storing my leather jacket in a plastic garment bag inhibited any fresh air circulating around my leather. Not only did mould spots develop in that short time, but the plastic material had crumbled into a thousand pieces all over my wardrobe floor, exposing my leather jacket to the elements - dust, dirt, sunlight, mould, mildew and moisture. 

(If it gets this far - depending on how soon you spot the damage - it is one of the most annoying, time-consuming exercises to clean up the crumbled pieces. These fragments get into every crevice, every space, and you're still finding them weeks later!.)

As I discovered (too late), the plastic garment bag served absolutely no purpose in safeguarding my leather jacket (or any garment) in the short term and definitely not in the long term, as was this case.

This oversight caused a lengthy and costly process to remove the mould professionally, as I love this jacket and wanted to save it! 

Shocked face
The repair bill to remove mould can range between AUD$65 - $250+ depending on the severity of the mould damage caused. It cost me just over AUD$85 to have the mould professionally removed from my jacket. No one wants that! And, all because I had stored my jacket in a plastic garment bag!


My favourite black leather jacket got to live another day, actually a few years. To me, it was worth saving.     


Land fill

It is also important to mention the ban and minimisation of plastic bag usage being implemented in Australia and other parts of the world. This will better protect our precious environment and reduce landfills for future generations. Plastic and non woven materials can take up to 200 years to dispose of, if at all.  


Unsightly stains and spots can develop in natural fibres such as cotton, lace, silk, and delicate fabrics. This is again due to not laundering your garments properly before long term storage and removing contaminants such a perfumes, deoderants, make-up, sweat, dust, hair, and other particles. Also, insufficient air circulation and storing your cherished garments in plastic garment bags, non woven or nylon garment bags can cause discolouration and yellow spots.

Mould spores can also start to appear, and you question, "How did this happen?" or you think out loud and say, "I thought I was protecting my clothes with these plastic garment bags". Unfortunately, that is not always the case and probably why you are searching for more information on garment care and long term storage. You've come to the right place :)

In hindsight, and in my personal experience, cheap plastic and non-woven garment covers are proven to have no real benefit in protecting the longevity of your beloved garments and attire. Be mindful of their effects, and think twice about storing and protecting your beloved garments, long term, in these ineffective bags. 

Instead, storing your garments in a natural fabric, such as 100% cotton garment covers, are guaranteed to safeguard your garments and promote their longevity, particularly for long term storage. More on this below.  

Clothes bags for garments | Kazzi Kovers 

PRO TIP | Check your seasonal garments every 8 - 12 months. Take out your suits, dresses, coats and jackets and air them out (out of direct sunlight) and in the fresh air for 1 to 2 days - especially if you don't wear them often. Your garments will love you for it as the fresh air will help prolong the fabric's integrity and the fibres so you can enjoy wearing them for years to come.


Fresh air is essential when storing your clothes and heirlooms long term. It helps promote garment longevity and keep mould and mildew at bay.

Your garments should ideally be kept in an area or storage space that allows for air to circulate in and around your garments comfortably. That is, make sure there is sufficient, natural, free-flowing air that reaches the living, breathing fibres of your garments when stored.

Isolating fan

How do you do this? Open the windows and doors of your room or wardrobe, turn on the ceiling fans if you have them, or as a last resort, use an air conditioner or an isolating fan to generate air, particularly in the hot and humid months. Just make sure that air can comfortably circulate wherever you store your garments for long periods, as this helps dry out any moisture beads and prevents mould build-up.




Direct sunshine rays

Avoid direct and indirect sunlight beaming down on your garments and in your closet or wardrobe. The excessive heat will fast track and create moisture, mould build-up and mildew. Your garments will also endure discolouration and fading when exposed to direct sunshine rays.






Your garments will love you for it! And you'll get many years of garment wearability when your garments are well protected and stored. 

Why cotton is AWESOME (and why we love it!)

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Soft and Malleable Fabric
  • Acid-Free
  • Hygienic
  • Durable and Strong
  • Low Maintenance Fabric
  • Easy To Wash
  • Quick to Dry
  • And more.

Kazzi Kovers Premium 100% Cotton Garment Bags are stylishly designed and purposed to safeguard all types of garments and prolong their longevity so you can enjoy wearing your treasured pieces for years to come.  

Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Garment Bags | Regular and Large

AVAILABLE IN REGULAR AND LARGE SIZES. Our premium cotton garment bags are purposed and designed to store and safeguard your every day, occasional, seasonal garments and delicate pieces, including your suits, dresses, jackets, coats, formal attire, wedding dress, kaftans, heirlooms, costumes, sporting gear and more. (See detailed list below.)

FULLY ENCLOSED. FULL LENGTH, EASY-GLIDE ZIP. You'll also find comfort in knowing that each cotton garment bag is fully enclosed and includes a self healing, full length side zip for easy access. That is, once you fully zip up your Kazzi Kovers garment bag, it makes it virtually impossible for dust and dirt to enter, and it also creates a natural barrier for those nasty insects (especially moths) from entering and piercing your garments. 

A self healing zip means if the zipper (or zip teeth) were to come apart or  misalign, get stuck, or the zip puller was to slip off from the tracking, you unzip and rezip the garment from end to end to 'heal' and reseal the zip. We love this added feature, as the garment bag is guaranteed to keep your garments secure, fully enclosed and protected at all times.  

Reinforced garment bag opening | 8 cm

GARMENT BAG HANGER OPENING. The sheer weight of the garments that you are storing will weigh down the cotton garment bag and seal off the slit at the top where your hanger is inserted.

The sealed opening will prevent dirt, dust etc. from entering the garment bag and further protects your garments from the elements, including dust and dirt and those unwanted crazy critters.


COTTON LOOP AT THE BOTTOM. We've included a 100% cotton loop at the bottom of each bag so you can hang, fold, travel, and store your garment bag for the purpose intended and convenience.

See Kazzi Kovers Garment Bag Packages, or all options are displayed below for your convenience. Our Garment Bags are also available in black and white.  

Discard any metal hangers  

Wire hangers on wardrobe rail

It is important to discard any and all metal hangers in your wardrobe, including those that come with your dry cleaned garments. Or better yet, return the wire hangers to the dry cleaners to live another day and reduce landfill. Or, take your own hangers next time you have your garments dry cleaned. It all helps.   

The metal from these wire hangers can tarnish and then transfer onto your garments when stored for extended periods. These ultra thin hangers provide no support to your garments and can sometimes leave a permanent imprint on your clothes, particularly on the shoulders. The same goes for velvet hangers. They're thin and useless, and once the velvet on the hangers crumbles, the exposed wire underneath leaves your garments open to damage. 


When choosing the right hanger, always store your garment on a well-made wooden hanger. This ensures that the shoulder contour of the hanger and the arch of the wood hanger support your garments' structure and shape. The contour or framework of the wood hanger should mimic your shoulders.

Never use wire hangers.

Kazzi Kovers Wooden Hangers 

The Rule of Thumb: The heavier the garment, the denser the hanger needs to be to support the weight and shape of the garment being stored.

For everyday garments, including business shirts, tops, dresses and lighter garments, then Kazzi Kovers Clothes Hangers are perfect. 

For slightly heavier garments such as suits, dresses, jackets, wedding gown, or  formal gowns, then Kazzi Kovers Suit Hangers are ideal. 

For heavy wool jackets, coats or bulkier items, then Kazzi Kovers Coat Hangers would be more suitable. 

Kazzi Kovers Wood Hanger Collection is beautifully crafted from European German Beech Wood and is FSC® 100% certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). This provides you with the assurance that our suite of wood products are made from responsibly managed and sustainable forests for today and future generations.

FSC® 100% | Kazzi Kovers Licence No. N002760.

All Kazzi Kovers wooden hangers are available in Natural Wood Grain and Walnut colours.  


The detrimental effects of storing your garments in plastic, non-woven, nylon and plastic dry cleaning bags can be damaging, costly and ineffective. They provide no real benefit to the long term storage of your garments.

After all, you've invested a pretty penny in your wardrobe, so it is wise to safeguard your garments so you can enjoy wearing them for years to come. 

I hope the guide helps and encourages you to take better care of your garments. 


Thanks for reading.  

Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!®.’ 

Kazzi Kovers® | Updated 27th May 2024

Maria Kazzi :)

Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers®


Kazzi Kovers takes pride in providing safe and natural alternatives to Protect, Organise, Store and Travel with our range of premium covers and accessories.

See Kazzi Kovers for our full suite of products, blogs, tips and updates.  


SHOP NOW | 100% Cotton Garment Bags


  • Storage and Travel | For all types of fabrics and garments, including suits, coats, gowns, dresses, jackets, embellished and delicate pieces.
  • Business Travel | For suits, dresses, coats, jackets, ties.
  • Bride/Groom | Wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, mother-of-the-bride, men's suits and tuxedos. (After your big day, you can store your dress in the Kazzi Kovers Garment Bag to preserve its longevity/heirloom.) 
  • Wedding | Travel with your wedding dress on the big day locally or for your destination wedding. Ideal for bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dress, Mother-of-the-Bride. Grooms and groomsmen. 
  • Delicate and Embellished Garments: Dresses, costumes, heirlooms, one-off pieces, kaftans, saris, jabots, bar/barrister gowns and robes, + more.
  • Fashion Events | For designers, models, and garment protection during transit.
  • Dance | Dance costumes, sequined dresses, leotards, tutus, outfits.
  • Vintage Clothing | Protect your priceless vintage pieces; dresses, coats, jackets, fabrics and preserve fabric integrity
  • Equestrian and Sporting Attire | For all events. Also, for home and storage purposes.
  • Cruises and Black Tie Events - Pack and protect your dresses, gowns or suits etc. when travelling.
  • And more.



Kazzi Kovers Black and White Garment Bags are available in the same packs as our cream coloured garment bags, shown below. 

Our 100% Cotton Garment Bags are available Individually or as a Combo Set. Please choose the package that best suits your requirements. 

Black & White 100% Cotton Garment Bags | Kazzi Kovers



Size Centimetres: 110 cm (H) x 65 cm (L) x 10 cm (Gusset)   

Size Inches: 43.3" (H) x 25.5" (L) x 3.9" (Width/Gusset) 

  • Suits | Jackets | Coats | 3/4 Length Coats
  • Dresses | Cocktail | Formal Dresses
  • Embellished | Beaded Garments
  • Delicate and Natural Fibres (leather, wool, silk, lace, suede, fur, velvet)
  • Jabots | Bar Jackets 
  • Seasonal Garments
  • Saris | Kaftans
  • All Types of Costumes
  • Vintage Clothing | Uniforms
  • Heirlooms and More. 

4PK Regular Garment Bags | Kazzi Kovers_____________________________________________________ 

REGULAR Garment Bag | 100% Cotton 
2 x REGULAR Garment Bags | 100% Cotton 

3 x REGULAR Garment Bags | 100% Cotton



Size Centimetres: 165 cm (H) x 65 cm (L) x 10 cm (Width/Gusset)   

Size Inches: 65" (H) x 25.5" (L) x 3.9" (Width/Gusset) 

  • Long Coats
  • Wedding Dress Formal
  • Cocktail Dresses | Gowns
  • Embellished and Beaded Garments
  • Delicate and Natural Fibres (leather, wool, silk, suede, furs, faux-furs, velvet)
  • Seasonal Garments
  • Bar Gowns | Barrister Gowns | Robes
  • Saris | Kaftans
  • All Types of Costumes
  • Vintage Clothing | Uniforms
  • Heirlooms and more. 
4PK Long Garment Bags | Kazzi Kovers_________________________________________________________
LARGE Garment Bag | 100% Cotton
2 x LARGE Garment Bags | 100% Cotton
3 x LARGE Garment Bags | 100% Cotton



Kazzi Kovers combo packs offer great value and include a Regular and Large Garment Bag combination to suit your requirements. 

Perfect for when you need more than just one and have different size garments you wish to protect. 

REGULAR Garment Bag

Size Centimetres: 110 cm (H) x 65 cm (L) x 10 cm (Gusset)   

Size Inches: 43.3" (H) x 25.5" (L) x 3.9" (Width/Gusset)   


LARGE Garment Bag

Size Centimetres: 165 cm (H) x 65 cm (L) x 10 cm (Width/Gusset)   

Size Inches: 65" (H) x 25.5" (L) x 3.9" (Width/Gusset)   

COMBO Garment Bags | 100% Cotton 

2 REGULAR x 1 LARGE Garment Bags | 100% Cotton 

1 REGULAR x 2 LARGE Garment Bags | 100% Cotton __________________________________________________________



If you have a favourite suit or dress, a one-off piece you wish to protect, or perhaps an heirloom. In that case, Kazzi Kovers all-in-one packages are ideal and offer great value for garment longevity and providing garment support. 

Ideal for your occasional, seasonal and one-off pieces such as your suits, dresses, formal and cocktail wear, wedding dress, coats, jackets, costumes, sporting attire, heirlooms and more. 

Wood Hangers are available in Natural Wood Grain or Walnut colours. 



Includes 1 x REGULAR Garment Bag + 1 x Wood HANGER

Kazzi Kovers all-in-one packages are ideal for your occasional, seasonal and one-off pieces. Protect and store your suits, dresses, coats, jackets, pants, skirts, formal attire, costumes and vintage pieces, sporting apparel and more. 

Choose your GARMENT BAG | Regular Size or Large Size

Choose your HANGER SIZE | Clothes, Suit/Dress/Jacket or Coat Hanger

Choose your HANGER COLOUR | Natural Wood Grain or Walnut 

Kazzi Kovers REGULAR Garment Bag + NATURAL Wood Hanger  


Kazzi Kovers REGULAR Garment Bag + WALNUT Wood Hanger  


Includes 1 x LARGE Garment Bag + 1 x Wood HANGER

Kazzi Kovers all-in-one packages are ideal for your occasional, seasonal and one-off pieces. Protect and store your suits, dresses, coats, jackets, pants, skirts, formal attire, costumes and vintage pieces, sporting apparel and more. 

Choose your GARMENT BAG | Regular Size or Large Size

Choose your HANGER SIZE | Clothes, Suit/Dress/Jacket or Coat Hanger

Choose your HANGER COLOUR | Natural Wood Grain or Walnut 

Kazzi Kovers LARGE Garment Bag + NATURAL Wood Hanger  


Kazzi Kovers LARGE Garment Bag + WALNUT Wood Hanger  


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