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Storing Your Clothes in a Plastic Garment Bag? Don’t!

Posted on March 19, 2016 by Maria Kazzi

For those of you that have spent a small (or large) fortune on your wardrobe - have you ever stopped to think about what you are storing your garments in? Or what irreparable damage can be caused by environmental elements if you are storing your garments in a plastic, non-woven or nylon garment bag? 

This is what happened when I stored my blue suede jacket in a 'FREE' plastic garment bag which caused terrible damage..

Suede-jacketEighteen months ago I purchased a French Navy suede jacket from a reputable retailer that was having an end of season sale. I was so thrilled with this addition to my wardrobe that the lady even included a 'FREE plastic garment bag' with purchase to ‘protect and store’ the jacket over time.

It was the following winter season that I wanted to wear the jacket out for dinner. So as I prepped my outfit I was ready for the piece de resistance – my French Navy suede jacket. I was so excited .. until I had unzipped the plastic cover that was supposedly ‘protecting’ my jacket, only to realise that very tiny spores of mould, yes, MOULD, had started to form in less than 12 months of storage.

I was absolutely devastated. I thought, What!? No!

After the initial shock, I stopped in my tracks and I thought how could this be? Quite easily, actually.

My jacket had started to falter due to being stored in unfavourable conditions; such as the relentless humid weather, the lack of air circulation in my wardrobe and most importantly, I'd stored my suede jacket in my PLASTIC GARMENT BAG!



Avoid these bags..

Storing your garments in either a plastic, non-woven garment or nylon bags can trap moisture and cause nasty spores and spots to form, as the fabric simply cannot breathe whilst being stored in these types of garment bags. 

This can also cause irreparable damage over time to your stored garments including discolouration of the fabric and mould due to the lack of air circulating in and around your stored garments. Textiles such as leather, wool, your wedding dress, formal gowns, suits, vintage and silk clothing, costumes and other garments are most affected!

Clothes need air to breathe and keep them fresh!

So here are 5 Quick Tips to Protect and Store your Garments 

1. Say No To Plastic Dry-Cleaning Bags

Plastic and Non-Woven garment bags will create excess moisture build up (due to humidity) causing mould and mildew, staining, fabric integrity breakdown, and dry-cleaning-plastic-bagstructural breakdown of the garment. Discolouration can be caused by BHT (butylated hydroxyltolune) an anti-oxidant in the plastic bag. The only purpose of these plastic dry-cleaning bags is to get your freshly pressed garments from the store to home!

Also, throw out the wire hangers that come with your dry-cleaning bag and NEVER leave your clothes stored on wired hangers as the metal can transfer onto the garment over time and leave a nasty, sometimes irremovable, imprint.

2. Air Flow is Essential

Not only is air flow essential it is also critical to the longevity of your garments and Open-doors-fresh-airheirlooms. I cannot emphasise this enough. When storing your garments, it is absolutely imperative that your garments be kept in an area or storage space that allows for air to comfortably circulate in and around your garments. That is, make sure there is sufficient, natural free-flowing air that reaches the living, breathing fibres of your garments when stored. Open the windows and doors of your room, turn on the ceiling fan if you have one, or as a last resort use an isolating fan to generate air. Just make sure that air is circulating wherever you are storing your garments for long periods of time to dry out any moisture build-up, and stay away from plastic and non-woven garment bags. Not doing so, will potentially result in mould spores, like what happened with my suede jacket in less than 12 months


3. Store Garments in 100% Cotton Garment Bags

Kazzi-Kovers-Garment-Bag-regular-largeCotton is a fabric that has many fabulous attributes when it comes to storing your garments for the long term. It is natural, lightweight, breathable, hygienic, acid-free and strong. It is also a low maintenance fabric which makes it easy to wash and is reasonably quick to dry.

Whether you are storing leather, suede, wool, your wedding dress, lace, kaftans, suits, formal dresses, vintage clothing, delicate pieces or costumes -  you can't go past our premium 100% Cotton Garment Bags. They are the safe and natural alternative to store your clothes and protect the integrity of all your garments and their fabrics.  

Kazzi Kovers offers two generous sizes of Cotton Garment Bags: Regular and Long. Each breathable garment bag is tailored to your needs and can be used for preservation of your garments, family heirlooms and for travel purposes.


4. Invest in a Quality Coat Hanger

Your garments should always be hung on a well-made, wooden coat hanger in a wooden-coat-hanger
space where air flow can comfortably circulate. Ensure that the shoulder and the arch of the coat hanger supports the structure and shape of your jackets and garments. Never use wire hangers.

5. Protect from Sunlight

Avoid direct sunlight as the heat will create moisture, mould build-up and mildew. Moths also love light, so make sure you protect your garments by storing them in a dark place in your wardrobe, or otherwise.


Think carefully about what you are storing and protecting your treasured garments in - particularly if they are heirlooms or pieces that you love. My French Navy suede jacket lived to see another day but the irony of ‘FREE with purchase’ doesn’t always translate into the greater good.


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Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!’

Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers

(Updated 6.10.17)



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