5 Tips To Care For Your Kaftans

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Kaftans or caftans have been worn in many cultures around the world for thousands of years and have become a catchall term in fashion for any kind of loose-fitting robe or tunic. 

Kaftans are a statement piece that is generally adorned with intricate,  embellished detail around the neckline, sleeves or around the edge of the fabric itself. Kaftans range from vibrant colour palettes and patterns to subtle pastel hues. Each exquisite kaftan is unique and exudes feminine uniqueness, as does the woman that wears these soft and flowy silk pieces.

When it comes to maintaining the delicate silk and natural fabrics, what is the best way to launder your kaftans?

  • Is handwashing favoured over a machine wash?
  • Should you spot clean rather than do a full launder of your kaftan?  
  • How do you care for and safely wash embellished garments?
  • Can I iron my kaftan?
  • What is the best way to store you kaftans from season to season? 

Here's everything you need to know about washing, storing and preserving the longevity of your beloved kaftans.




Care instructions on labelNatural fabrics including silk, cotton, wool and leather require a little more TLC (tender, love, care) due to the delicate fibres of the fabric. It is essential to carefully read and follow the instructions on the kaftan label, as this will help safeguard your pieces long term.


You can have your kaftans dry-cleaned, but it is not always necessary. Certain (harsh) chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process can do more harm than good due to the delicate nature of the fabric fibres against the processing techniques. If you are going to use a dry-cleaner, make sure they specialise in delicate silk and hand-beaded clothing practices. There are also 'green' dry cleaners available if you wish to go that one step further to launder and protect your kaftans. 

| TIP: It is recommended to consult an experienced professional for advice if the label is not visible or present before proceeding with laundering your kaftan pieces. | 


2. GENTLE HAND WASH - Spot Clean, Light Soils and Stains

Hand washing delicate clothes

Life is busy; I get it! But to really REALLY take care of your kaftans, it is best to hand wash your kaftan inside out.

Whether it is a spot clean or removing a light stain, use cool water and a small amount of mild detergent to handwash the kaftan. Very gently swirl the kaftan in the soapy water for up to 5 minutes to remove light soiling when handwashing as silk and other delicate fabrics can be easily torn or damaged.  

  • DO NOT bleach or soak your kaftan
  • When your kaftan is clean, rinse in clean cold/cool water
  • DO NOT squeeze the excess the water from the garment
  • DO drip dry the garment by hanging; or,
  • For ultimate care, kaftans should be laid flat to dry on a towel without delay (and out of direct sunlight) to avoid stretching the delicate fabric — more on this below in Point 4.
  • DO NOT machine wash and DO NOT tumble dry your kaftan - EVER!.

| NOTE: Avoid using hot water to wash your kaftans as it can soften the adhesives used to glue the crystals and any other embellishments and potentially shrink the fabric! 

Hand beading and embellishments are very delicate and can also unravel at times, particularly in the rough agitation of the washing machine. Avoid washing your kaftans in the washing machine - even on a gentle cycle. |



Steam ironHere's what to do. If you properly lay flat your kaftan when drying on a towel, this will minimise the creases, and therefore minimal use of the iron is required. However, there will be the odd kaftan crease that needs to be ironed out! It's just the way it goes.



  • When ironing your kaftan, it is critical to use a low to medium heat setting
  • NEVER let the iron come in direct contact with the crystal stones, embellishments or beading.
  • Use a piece of thick white cotton fabric between the iron and the garment to prevent damage to the glue, the beading and the fabric itself.
  • Make sure you move the iron and fabric along as you iron to avoid fabric burn.
  • Even better, using a steamer will release creases, my preferred method. It also tends to be softer on the silk and on most delicate fabrics. Winning!



Direct sunlight through wooden blindsProlonged artificial and ultraviolet light (sunlight) are the greatest dangers to your silk, embellished and hand-beaded kaftan pieces. The sun's rays can damage fabrics and can rot threads - so be very careful.

Direct and indirect light will cause fabric deterioration and breakdown, including fraying, fading, discolouration and yellow spotting when exposed to light for extended periods. If the sun rays are prominent in your wardrobe or storage space, or there's too much light, then use block out blinds to fend the rays or find a more suitable area to store and protect your kaftans to prevent fabric fade and deterioration.



Finally, caring for your kaftan isn't only about washing or drying them. One of the most important things you can do to prolong your kaftans' longevity is to ensure your pieces are safely stored in breathable, premium 100% Cotton Garment Bags.


100% Cotton Garment Bags | Regular and Large


Whether you have one or two kaftans or a whole collection, cotton garment bags safeguard your loves from direct sunlight, dust, dirt, insects, mould, mildew and moisture throughout the seasons so you can enjoy wearing them for years to come.

| TIP: Every six to twelve months, air out your kaftans (out of direct sunlight) or if you haven't worn them in a while. Your kaftans and other garments' will love you for it! And it will help promote your kaftans longevity and wearability - Gotta love that! |


WHY WE LOVE COTTON GARMENT BAGS (and your kaftans will, too!)

Cotton has many fabulous attributes:

Cotton with white scarf

  • Cotton is a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable fabric.
  • Cotton takes up to 3 - 6 months to breakdown, whereas plastic can take up to 20 - 200 years, if at all, to breakdown.
  • Cotton is a versatile and natural fabric. It is lightweight, breathable, hygienic, acid-free, plastic-free and incredibly durable and strong.
  • Cotton is also a low maintenance material, which makes it easy to wash, and it is reasonably quick to dry.
  • Cotton also reflects heat in the warmer climates and provides insulation in cold climates. Cotton garment covers are perfect for short and long term storage and will protect your kaftans and other garments throughout the seasons. 

Kazzi Kovers offers a range of premium 100% Cotton Garment Bags to ensure that your kaftans are properly protected and stored from the elements. (Different packages available below.)



Are you storing your kaftans on a flimsy, wire, flocked, velvet or plastic hangers?

If you love your kaftans (as much as I do) and want to enjoy wearing your beloved piece for years to come, then one of the most important things you can also do for your kaftans' longevity is to invest in solid European Beech Wood FSC® certified wood hangers.

Natural wood hangers | Uses

Different types of hangers are more suitable for different types of garments. Wire, velvet, foam and plastic hangers provide NO solid structure for your delicate kaftans often resulting in stretched shoulders, and it can leave you with pulls, marks, permanent creases and deteriorated kaftans.

Solid wood hangers provide the ultimate support and maintain the silhouette of your kaftans due to their dense framework and solid structure.

The rule of thumb when storing your garments on wood hangers and in garment bags:

The thicker your hanger, then the fewer garments’ will fit into the bag. Being the kaftans, though, you can fit up to three pieces on a classic Clothes Hanger.

The Kazzi Kovers garment bag hanger opening measures an impressive 8 cm, so there is plenty of space (picture below) to fit up to three kaftans or garments per garment bag.

See the guide below as to how many kaftans you can fit into each garment bag.

Reinforced hanger opening | Measures 8 cm


REGULAR Garment Bags: 110 cm (H) x 65 cm (L) x 10 cm (Gusset/Width)

  • Kaftan tops and blouses
  • Short kaftans
  • Knee-length kaftans
  • Midi length kaftans
  • Summer high cut minis
  • Kaftan dress

LARGE (long) Garment Bags: 165 cm (H) x 65 cm (L) x 10 cm (Gusset/Width)

  • Floor-length kaftans
  • Maxi dresses and gowns


Below is a guide as to how many garments will fit per garment bag, per wood hanger size. 

Clothes Hangers: 3 garments of the same size per bag

Suit / Dress Hangers: 2 garments of the same size per bag OR a mix of clothes and suit/dress hangers

Coat Hanger: 1 garment per bag.

| TIP: Most kaftans are embellished, so it’s always a good idea to place a cotton sheet between the garments (when storing more than one together) to avoid any of the embellishments getting caught and unravelling. The 'divider' sheet better protects the pieces and prolongs their longevity. |


I hope I have shared some knowledge and experience on how to take better care of your cherished loves - your kaftans - and other delicate pieces, so you can enjoy basking in wearing your treasured pieces for years to come. 


Thanks for reading.  

Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!®.’  

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Updated 22nd July 2023


Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers®



Regular | Large | Combo Packs Available  


SIZE: 110 cm (H) x 65cm (L) x 10 cm (W)

  • Suits | Jackets | Coats | 3/4 Length Coats
  • Short Kaftans | Dresses | Cocktail | Formal Dresses
  • Embellished | Beaded Garments
  • Delicate and Natural Fibres (leather, wool, silk, lace, suede, fur, velvet)
  • Seasonal Garments
  • All Types of Costumes
  • Vintage Clothing | Uniforms
  • Heirlooms and More.

4PK Regular Garment Bags | Kazzi Kovers 

REGULAR Garment Bag | 100% Cotton


2 x REGULAR Garment Bags


3 x REGULAR Garment Bags | 100% Cotton 



SIZE: 165 cm (H) x 65 (L) x 10 cm (W)
  • Long Coats
  • Wedding Dress Formal
  • Cocktail Dresses | Gowns
  • Embellished and Beaded Garments
  • Delicate and Natural Fibres (leather, wool, silk, suede, furs, faux-furs, velvet)
  • Seasonal Garments
  • Saris | Kaftans
  • All Types of Costumes
  • Vintage Clothing | Uniforms
  • Heirlooms and more. 
4PK Long Garment Bags | Kazzi Kovers
LARGE Garment Bag | 100% Cotton
2 x LARGE Garment Bags | 100% Cotton
3 x LARGE Garment Bags | 100% Cotton


REGULAR SIZE: 110 cm (H) x 65cm (L) x 10 cm (W)

LARGE SIZE: 165 cm (H) x 65cm (L) x 10 cm (W)

These combo packs offer great value and include a Regular and or Large Garment Bag combinations.

Perfect for when you need more than just one.


COMBO Garment Bags | 100% Cotton


2 REGULAR x 1 LARGE Garment Bags | 100% Cotton


1 REGULAR x 2 LARGE Garment Bags | 100% Cotton 




PACKAGE 1 | Includes 1 x REGULAR Garment Bag + 1 x Wood HANGER

Kazzi Kovers all-in-one packages are ideal for your occasional, seasonal and one-off pieces. Protect and store your suits, dresses, coats, jackets, pants, skirts, formal and cocktail attire, costumes, vintage pieces, sporting apparel, heirlooms and more. 

Choose your HANGER SIZE | Clothes, Suit/Dress OR Coat Hanger

Choose your HANGER COLOUR | Natural Wood Grain OR Walnut 

Kazzi Kovers REGULAR Garment Bag + NATURAL Wood Hanger


Kazzi Kovers REGULAR Garment Bag + WALNUT Wood Hanger


PACKAGE 2 | Includes 1 x LARGE Garment Bag + 1 x Wood HANGER

Kazzi Kovers all-in-one packages are ideal for your occasional, seasonal and one-off pieces. Protect and store your long kaftans, long coats, formal and cocktail attire, costumes, vintage pieces, sporting apparel, heirlooms and more. 

Choose your HANGER SIZE | Clothes, Suit/Dress or Coat Hanger

Choose your HANGER COLOUR | Natural Wood Grain or Walnut 


Kazzi Kovers LARGE Garment Bag + NATURAL Wood Hanger


Kazzi Kovers LARGE Garment Bag + WALNUT Wood Hanger        


Kazzi Kovers takes pride in providing safe and natural alternatives to Protect, Organise, Store and Travel with our range of premium covers and accessories.

See Kazzi Kovers for our full suite of products, tips and updates.  



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