How to Organise and Store Your Clutches

Cluth dust bags 

From clutches to totes, purses to trendy envelope wallets, we each have our favourites!

You've invested a small fortune in your clutch and handbag collection so let's help you get them organised. Instead of your clutches just sitting on a shelf, or worse, tossing them in the drawer or keeping them in drawstring dust bags or plastic storage containers, we share with you fun and easy tips on how to store your handbags and clutches. 


Red pink different size clutches

Layout all your clutches, minaudières, wristlets, wallets, oversized day clutches or small over the shoulder bags and then sort them out by size from small to large.

By laying out your clutches, this will give you the visual scope of your collection and assist in preparing and organising your clutches and the space required for storage.   



Next, sort out your clutches by colour and style. Align all of your gold clutches together, silver, pinks, multiple colours, embellished and even patterned clutches side by side. By laying them out - so you can openly see them - will make it easy to store them in the right size dust bags, locate your bags and access them when needed.   


NEVER store your clutches in plastic bags, plastic handbag organisers, non-woven drawstring dust covers, boxes or plastic storage containers. Storing your clutches using these unfavourable storage bags and boxes can create mould,  - especially if your clutches are made from leather, suede, fabric or even PVC - and cause irreparable damage when stored long term. 

Kazzi Kovers | Different Clutches and Handbag Storage Solutions

Check your clutches! Regular dust covers are designed with an open/close drawstring across the top of the dust bag. If you are using such a bag (see picture) to 'protect' your loves then be aware that dust and dirt particles can (and will) settle into the crevices and folds of your stored clutches, handbags, wallets, and wristlets. If you forget to close the bag properly (or the drawstring is broken), then this can cause (unexpected) damage to your treasured pieces, especially when stored long term.

Moisture is in the air all around us. Warmer air can hold more moisture. When clutches or handbags are stored in hot or humid conditions or high up on your wardrobe shelves, in the garage or under your bed in plastic bags or cardboard boxes, moisture can build up as no air can circulate in and around your stored clutches to dry out the moisture beads. 

Fabric peeling on black patent bagThe real side effects of storing your clutches in these harmful conditions. Leather and PVC material can start to peel. Rusting of hard-case clutches (metal) can occur, and sometimes the glue holding your clutch and fabric together can dry out, diminishing the framework and structural integrity of your bags when stored in hot and humid conditions.

The right way to store your clutches and handbags is in breathable, lightweight 100% cotton Kazzi Kovers dust bags. These sassy covers are fully-enclosed to help protect your clutches from the elements including dust, dirt, mould and moisture build-up.  


Sun rays through wooden blinds

Direct sunlight does no favours for your clutches or your handbags. Storing your clutches in direct sunlight, or humid conditions may cause your clutch to dry out or crack, discolour, fade, peel and they may even lose their natural lustre (particularly leather bags). No one wants that!

If space is tight and you've stored your clutches high up in your wardrobe, in the depths of your drawers, the abyss of your bedroom (or you've forgotten about them) - remember your clutches need fresh air to breathe to keep them nourished and supple. 

It is recommended that you take out your clutches and handbags and leave them out to bask in the fresh air for 1 - 2 days to 'refresh' them. Check them over for any damage and give them a gentle wipe down if necessary. For leathers, this is an opportune time to use quality leather cream to keep the leathers soft and supple before storing them again. 

To maintain your clutches and protect them from the elements, make sure they stored in fully-enclosed in quality dust bags. This way, you can relax knowing your loves will be safeguarded appropriately throughout the seasons and you can enjoy wearing them for years to come. 


Ideally, it is best to store your structured clutches side-by-side in an upright position to maintain its natural shape. If your clutch is unstructured, then do the opposite and lay them flat.

Please don't stack your clutches on top of each other (to save space) as this will potentially cause a structural and fabric breakdown, particularly if the clutch lacks solid construction, is embellished or it is not made from quality materials.  

Organised clutches on a shelf 

Also, to help maintain the clutch structure, it is best to stuff your clutch or bag with acid-free tissue paper. Make sure that you push the tissue paper into the bottom corners of the clutch or handbags, so they don't ruche or crinkle leaving a permanent fold. If you don't have acid-free tissue paper, you can use an old rolled-up cotton t-shirt to fill out the clutch (and handbags) for storage purposes and maintain the clutches structural integrity and promote longevity. 

Remember a little TLC can go a long way when it comes to organising and storing your clutches. I hope these simple tips help you take better care of your cherished loves so you can enjoy wearing them for years to come.   


Thanks for reading.  

Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!®.’ 

Kazzi Kovers® | Updated 18th August 2022. 

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