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How to Organise and Store Your Clutches

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Maria Kazzi

From clutches to totes, purses to trendy envelope wallets, we each have our favourites! You've invested a small fortune in your clutch and handbag collection so instead of just tossing them on the shelf or in the drawer, we've made it easy to organise and store your clutches with these before and after photos, and the following Top 5 Tips.



1. Sort by Size

Lay out all your clutches. Sort them out by size from small to large. This includes your minaudières, wristlets, leather, suede and fabric clutches, oversized day clutches or small over the shoulder bags. This will give you visual scope of your collection and assist in preparing and organising your clutches for each identification and access when needed. Each laid out clutch will also give you a clear idea of the size and the space required for storage.

Tip: Now is a good time to get rid of those bags you don’t use, are not on-trend, have fair wear and tear or are beyond saving. You could cheerfully donate a couple to charity because you're feeling generous!


2. Colour Coordinate

Sort out your clutches by colour. Align all of your gold clutches together, silver,Clutch-dust-bag pinks, multiple colours and even patterned clutches side by side. This will make it easier to go through and match your clutch when stored in Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Clutch Dust Bags.

The system is really simple: For example, match the colour of your clutch with the same or similar colour in the Kazzi Kovers cotton dust cover range. Or in this case (see photo): It is the popular Green Envy small cotton dust cover with gold clutch to add spice to your wardrobe - but most importantly it protects your clutch!



3. Do Not Stack Your Clutches

Storing your clutches in plastic hanging bags, non-woven drawstring covers, boxes or Kazzi-Kovers-Handbag-clutch-Coversplastic storage containers can create mould - especially if your clutch is leather, suede, fabric and even PVC. Sweat and bacteria build up can cause irreparable damage to your clutches due to humid conditions and the lack of natural air flow in the storage space. Ideally, it is best to store your structured clutches side-by-side in an upright position to maintain their natural shape. If your clutch is unstructured, then do the opposite and lay them flat. Try not to stack your clutches on top of each other (just to save space) as this will potentially cause structural breakdown, particularly if the clutch lacks solid construction and is not made from quality materials. Refer to Point 2 again.






4. Use Acid-Free Tissue Paper (on the inside)

When storing your clutches, it is best to use acid-free tissue paper. Make sure that you push the tissue paper into the bottom corners of the clutch or handbags so they don't ruche or crinkle leaving a permanent fold. If you don't have acid-free tissue paper, you can use an old rolled-up cotton t-shirt to fill out the clutch for storage purposes and maintain the clutches structural integrity.


5. Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight

Sunset-sunSunlight does no favours to your clutches or your handbags. Direct heat and lack of fresh air will cause your clutches to eventually dry out or crack and they may even lose their natural lustre. Every now and again (once a year) take out your clutches that you don't often use and leave them out overnight to absorb the fresh air and maintain their shine and perhaps give them a bit of a wipe down it they've kept on the shelf or in your wardrobe with a proper dust bag for protection. 



To protect the longevity of your clutch collection, Kazzi Kovers fully-sealed dust bags to suit everyone's needs. Available in 3 different sizes (small, medium, large) and a range of sassy colours, prints and packs (shown below).

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Colours: Midnight Blue, Green Envy, Getting Ziggy (Chevron), Fuchsia Fever, Zulu Leopard print and Latte Love.


Lingerie cotton covers



Perfect for if you have several clutches or handbags that you'd like to protect: Ideal for special and occasional pieces, embellished and delicate leathers, fabrics, totes, cross-body and more.

Each pack includes: 1 x small, 1 x medium and 1 x large cotton cover in the set of your choice. 


Also, available in Packs of 3 in the same size and same colour.


Mix ‘n’ Match 

These sassy Mix 'n' Match sets will store a number of different clutches and handbags. Ideal for special and occasional pieces, embellished and delicate leathers, fabrics, totes, cross-body and more.

Each pack includes: 2 x small, 2 x medium and 1 x large cotton lingerie bag in the set of your choice. 




Remember to always take that little bit of extra care in protecting your occasional and favourite clutches so you can enjoy them for years to come. 


Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!

Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers



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