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Green Envy & Getting Ziggy 5 Pack Combo

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5 Pack Combo Includes:

1 x Get Ziggy Small
1 x Green Envy Small
1 x Get Ziggy Medium 
1 x Green Envy Medium
1 x Green Envy Large


100% Cotton Covers | Packing Cells

Unlike plastic, nylon, non-woven, and polyester materials which can create unwanted odours and moisture in your home or suitcase when travelling - these cotton cells provide the ultimate protection against the elements as they are made from breathable cotton fabric. Hygienic and acid-free.

Lightweight | Non-Structured

They are designed and purposed to fit comfortably into any wardrobe, shelf, space, pocket and all types of bags and suitcases. Very versatile! Pack and protect items such as clothes, shoes, leathers, cords, handbags, accessories and much more (see list below for more uses). 

Double-Sided Zipper (Unique Feature)

Instead of a one-sided opening, these spacious cells allow for easy access to your items with a double-sided zipper; making it quick to pack items, find what you are looking for and save precious time!



  • Travel: Eg. laptops, cords, clothes, shoes, accessories and more
  • All types of clothing. Eg: dresses, pants, delicates, shirts, jumpers and more
  • Lingerie | Underwear
  • Seasonal Items: Winter | Summer 
  • Delicate Pieces: Cashmere | Wool | Lace | Embellished Items
  • Handbags | Clutches | Embellished Bags
  • Scarves | Gloves | Belts | Ties
  • Hats | Fascinators
  • Beach: Eg keys, sunglasses, spare clothes
  • Dance Wear
  • Costumes
  • Kids Items 
  • Yoga Wear
  • Gym | Sports Gear
  • and More...


      Size Guide:  

      Get Ziggy
      Small 30.5cm x 24.5cm  
      Medium 44cm x 37cm

      Green Envy 
      Small 31cm x 22cm  
      Medium 42.5cm x 37.5cm
      Large 53cm x 46cm  

      (Please refer to size guide as sizes may vary slightly between colours and patterns)





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