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Wedding Dress Disaster 3 Days Before the Big Day!

Posted on June 01, 2016 by Maria Kazzi
Your wedding is one of the most exciting milestones as a couple. The tireless planning that goes into organising a wedding, let alone a destination wedding, deserves an accolade unto itself! And yet even the most detailed plans can go awry. All brides need to take serious note on how NOT to store your wedding dress before and after your big day! This is what my girlfriend Amanda* discovered when she checked her wedding dress and veil THREE DAYS before departing to Bali.

Amanda purchased her wedding dress six months prior to her special day and none-the-wiser she had it stored in a “protective” fully-sealed cardboard box with acid free wedding-dress-storage-hat-boxtissue paper – as was recommended by her dress maker. When Amanda did her final pack three days before her departure, she checked to see that her wedding dress and veil were all in-tact. Upon removing her dress out of the box … DISASTER STRUCK! She noticed her beloved 2 piece wedding gown; a French-Lace boddess and slim line skirt with intricate hand-beading was completely ruined. The skirt and veil had faired the most damage revealing a yellowish discolouration of the lace which was caused by storing her dress and veil in the fully-sealed cardboard box, in hot and humid temperatures in her wardrobe.












As she was leaving for Bali in 3 days you can imagine her panic along with all the last minute 'To-Do's' on her list. With no time to waste, she immediately called and visited a highly reputable dry cleaner to check if they could remove the yellow discolouring on the lace. To her dismay the dry cleaner regrettably told her that nothing could be done as the discolouration was irreparable and permanent. Determined to find a solution, Amanda then called her dress maker (as a last resort) hoping that she could remake the skirt and veil in record time. She luckily agreed but with an extra (unanticipated) cost to the bride. Most brides don't have this option as it generally takes 3-6 months to order and make a wedding dress.  

How you store your wedding dress before and after your big day can have huge consequences on the longevity and preservation of your gown.


Cotton-garment-bagWhen deciding between storage options for your wedding dress, you can't go past Kazzi Kovers Bridal Dress Garment Bags. Our cream-coloured garment bags are made from breathable 100% cotton and are designed to protect your gown against the elements such as dirt, dust, mould, mildew and insects both on your big day and thereafter.













































Your dress can be be stored unfolded; in your wardrobe, closet or storage space with little maintenance required to maintain its structure. Unlike cardboard-boxed storage methods which can leave permanent creases in your gowns - your Kazzi Kover dress cover will safeguard the longevity of your dress due to it's natural cotton fabric attributes and premium structure. 

When your wedding dress is properly stored in a 100% cotton garment bag and protected from the elements; it also stays free from discolouration, fading and broken spots of fabric due to the full length garment bag and not being crumpled in unfavourable, boxed storage methods. 


Wedding Dress Checklist

  • Have the gown professionally dry cleaned soon after your wedding day
  • Check that the your 100% cotton Kazzi Kovers Garment Bag is fully zipped up
  • Hang the dress in the darkest place possible to avoid light, pesky insects, airborne particles / dust
  • Your can store your veil with your dress but make sure it is wrapped in white acid-free tissue paper or an old white cotton t-shirt
  • Do not use wired or plastic coat hangers as over time these materials will inevitably damage your dress and may leave an imprint on your gown. A padded white silk hanger or wooden hanger is recommended for short and long term storage
  • Do not store your gown in a plastic or non-woven garment bag - they do not allow air to circulate through your gown and this is detrimental to the long term storage of your wedding dress 
  • Ensure that air flow and ventilation on either side of your wedding dress is sufficient - which is essential in protecting the gown from mould, mildew and other elements
  • Kazzi Kovers Cotton Garment Bags are easy to inspect the dress periodically and require no awkward refolding like boxed methods
  • Periodically (once every 1-2 years) take the dress out and shake it so unnatural creases do not form. Also allow the dress to breathe outside the garment cover to preserve it and then return to storage


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Remember if you ‘Love it, Cover it!’

Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers


* Name changed for privacy purposes



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