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Delicates Wash Bag - Geometric Grey - Regular

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Kazzi Kovers Regular Delicates Wash Bags (35 cm x 45 cm) are simply the safe, effective and smart way to launder your delicates (lingerie, lace, bras, underwear, hosiery, swimwear, activewear), all types of garments, natural and sensitive fabrics and more. 

Kazzi Kovers laundry wash bags for delicates, in Geometric Grey Print, are made from a premium 100% nylon material. Each bag is fully enclosed and provides clean, flawless, well-maintained garments in every wash, while protecting your clothing and linens from pilling, snagging, tearing and tangling. 

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Regular Size Delicates Bag | Geometric Grey Print

Size: 35 cm (L) x 45 cm (H)


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3 Pack Regular | Wash Bag COLLECTION

Includes 3 different prints: 1 x Geometric Grey + 1 x Nautical + 1 x Floral 




  • All Types of Delicates | Lingerie Wash Bag | Lingerie Sets
  • Bra Laundry Bag | Underwear | Corsets | Slips | Teddy's | Dressing Gowns
  • Hosiery | Tights | Stockings | Fishnets
  • Shirts | Tops | Blouses | Pants | Skirts | Jeans
  • Embellished | Beaded Garments | Kaftans | Saris | Accessories
  • Dresses | Lighter Jackets | Robes | Seasonal Garments
  • Natural Fabrics: Cotton | Silk | Wool | Lace and More
  • Jumpers | Cashmere | Scarves | Gloves | Socks | Berets | Beanies | Caps
  • Costumes | Leotards | Dance Wear | Tights | Tops | Skirts and More
  • Gym | Active Wear | Sports Wear | Bikinis
  • Metallic and print-based clothing and underwear
  • Maternity Wear | Nursing Garments and Accessories
  • Baby & Kids Toys | Clothing | Accessories
  • Pet Items: Fabric Leads | Collars | Harnesses | Clothing | Towels | Soft Toys 
  • Best Travel Wash Bag | Organiser: Pack and separate your clean items from your dirty items. Fill the bag then wash. An easy, organised and effective way to travel.



  • Colour | Geometric Grey Print on both sides
  • Size | 35 cm (L) x 45 cm (H)
  • Zip Material | 100% Nylon
  • Metal zip puller | 2.8 cm | Rustproof
  • Suitable for temperatures below 35°C (Celsius) or 95°F (Fahrenheit)
  • Note: Not suitable for hot dryers or hot washes over 36°C (Celsius) or 96°F (Fahrenheit)
  • The zip is aligned across the top of the bag for easy open and close access
  • Kazzi Kovers laundry bags are ultra-durable and quick to dry
  • We've designed our wash bags with an extra layer of protection to prevent your bra wires and hooks from tangling and causing damage to other clothing
  • Our laundry bags withstand the agitation of any wash cycle and temperature, unlike polyester and mesh laundry bags
  • Safeguards your delicates, lingerie, hosiery and finer garments during the wash cycle
  • Extra protection for your lace, silk, satin, wool, cotton and other delicate fabrics
  • Prevent snagging, ripping and tearing your clothing in the wash
  • Minimises pilling of sensitive and delicate garments
  • Minimises fluffing in the washing machine
  • Includes easy to grip large zip-puller | Great for those with arthritis and long nails
  • Weight Per Bag | Regular Size: 78 grams
  • Kazzi Kovers Logo.

* All clothing and accessories are not included. 




Kazzi Kovers 100% Nylon Delicate Wash Bags are bigger (35 cm x 45 cm) than standard mesh and polyester wash bags. They're ideal for washing your small items and delicates (lingerie, lace, bras, underwear, hosiery, swimwear, activewear), tops, shirts, dresses, suits, jackets, coats, natural and delicate fabrics and more.  

Kazzi Kovers regular washing bag for laundry, in Geometric Grey Print, are custom made with an ultra-durable, 100% nylon material. Unlike their mesh and polyester counterparts, which can deteriorate after a few washes, our nylon wash bags are slightly thicker and are purposely designed to include an extra-effective layer of protection. This unique layer further prevents hooks and bra wires from piercing through the bag and better protects your items from snagging, tangling, pilling and ripping of your delicates, clothing and apparel during the wash cycle.

Our wash bags also include a large metal zip puller, which is easy to grip and provides easy-glide, open and close access. The rustproof puller measures an impressive 2.8 cm and better assists those with arthritis and it is great for those that find it hard to wrap their fingers around annoying small zippers.

Kazzi Kovers regular nylon laundry bag can be used over and over again. The extra layer of protection, large zip feature and the extra space provided with your wash bag makes them fabulously practical and effective when it comes to maintaining and protecting your delicate items. Each bag also allows sufficient water and detergent to penetrate through the bag for optimal cleansing of your delicates, garments, linens, manchester, kids toys, pet toys and other items.

Nylon is benchmarked as a strong, high-performance fabric which will safely withstand the agitation of any wash cycle. 



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