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Spring Is Here! How to Protect and Store Your Winter Items

Posted on January 13, 2018 by Maria Kazzi




Most ladies and gents know that space is prime property in any wardrobe, closet or drawer. Right? With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to get organised and swap out your winter wardrobe and blankets and make room for your spring wardrobe.

We'll share with you practical and easy tips from choosing the right type of garment bags for storing your winter items (and the ones to avoid), and why proper air circulation is an important factor when it comes to promoting the longevity of your coats, jackets, suits, scarves, winter items and accessories until next season or perhaps your next snow trip!


Plastic and Non-Woven Garment Bags are a No-Go!


Plastic and non-woven garment bags, plastic storage boxes and even plastic vacuum bags can cause irreparable damage and gradual deterioration of your beloved pieces especially when storing your winter suits, coats, jackets, boots and other seasonal items for long periods of time.

Why? Because your garments simply cannot breath.

Plastic and non-woven fabric garment bags block that fresh air from comfortably circulating inplastic-vacuum-bag and around your wardrobe because plastic is not a breathable material/fabric. 

In fact, storing your garment in plastic or non-woven garment bags actually has the opposite affect to preserving your clothes and instead these bags will potentially cause discolouration, fading, fabric deterioration and structural damage to your winter garments including suits, dresses, coats and jackets, especially when stored for extended periods of time.

Sure, plastic garment bags and plastic storage boxes are easy to pack and are visibly appealing - especially the clear ones - but their long term affect can be costly, unfavourable and cause unnecessary damage to your favourite seasonal and winter garments. No one wants that!

Dry Cleaning Plastic Bags

Dry cleaning plastic bags should NEVER be used to store your wears. Dry cleaning plastic bagThe only purpose of these bags is to transport your dry cleaned clothes from the shop to your home safely. Discolouration can be caused by BHT (butylated hydroxyltolune) an anti-oxidant found in these plastic bags which can cause irreparable damage to your garments; especially leathers, suede, velvet, wool, and other delicate fabrics.

If you are storing your clothes in these plastic dry cleaning bags, they will block natural air flow circulating through to your garments which means the freshly pressed fabric fibres cannot comfortably breathe and it will again lead to mould build-up and spots (especially when exposed to excessive sunlight), fading and discolouration of your treasured garments.

Instead, by storing your winter garments in a natural fibre such as 100% cotton garment covers, it is guaranteed to safeguard your garments and maintain fabric integrity. Cotton also has many fabulous attributes that preserves the longevity of your garments' for the short and particularly long term storage (more on this below).


 Why Moths Favour Clothing

Moth-holes-in-damaged-winter-garmentMoths (and mainly their larvae) are attracted to human scents, perfume, deodorant, smoke and food and they will relentlessly find a way to raid that fabulous suede jacket or wool coat or pant - when conditions are right.

Even if you only wear your garments a couple of times during the season, the residue from these elements still remains (if you don't wash your garment before long term storage, or you forget too!.) This can attract the moths, especially in the warmer seasons, which can cause irreparable damage.

Know this: When moths lay their eggs (the larvae), it is the larvae that eats through your winter woollies and causes the nasty holes, as it is the larvae that need to feed - to grow - to eventually develop into moths. Your clothing is their food source and nourishment for the larvae, not always the moths.

More alarming is the fact that insects favour plastic and non-woven garment bags,Moth damage to wool pants as these types of garment bags have a tendency to deteriorate easily and crumble quicker over time, making it easier for the moths and silverfish to get to your winter woollies and other garments. Opportunistic little critters! 

And once they've made their way through the garment cover... I can guarantee you they'll also love your wool suit! I know, because this is exactly what happened to my wool pant suit that I cherished. (See picture.) Has this also happened to you?




















QUICK TIPS: Air. Wash. Dry. Store your Winter Garments

Air out the garment once you've worn it.

Follow the care instructions on the item of clothing and wash accordingly.

Make sure you thoroughly dry out your coats, jackets, dresses and suits before storing them long term in 100% Cotton Garment Bags. 

Store your winter wears in an area where air can naturally circulate in and around your garments and moisture is minimal to avoid mould build-up. If you don't have an open window, door, or ceiling fan in your wardrobe, room or closet - you can use an isolating fan to dry out any moisture and generate air flow. Think of it as fanning out your clothes.  




QUICK TIP: Every 6-12 months take out your garments; coats, jackets, dresses etc and simply air them out in the fresh air for 1 to 2 days - especially if you don't wear them all too often. They'll love you for it! And it will prolong the integrity of the material fibres and your winter garments longevity.



100% Cotton Garment Bags - Winter Garment Protection
When deciding between storage options for your winter garments you can't go past Kazzi Kovers Garment Bags. These Premium Garment Covers are made from natural 100% Cotton and offer fantastic benefits by protecting your garments for years to come.



  • These stylish and practical garment bags make wardrobe organisation simple and easy.
  • Suitable for Ladies and Gents.
  • Each cream-coloured garment bag fits up to 3 items and are available in two generous sizes - Regular and Large.
  • Each garment bag is equipped with a full-length, side-zipper for quick and easy access.
  • A double-stitched, strong cotton loop is sewn in at the bottom for your convenience, so it's simple for you to fold the bag over when travelling. 
  • Great for business, well-seasoned and occasional travellers.
  • Ideal for storage, home and travel purposes.

So if you're worried about those pesky insects, dust, mould and moisture affecting your winter apparel, then storing your beloved pieces and heirlooms in breathable garment bags is your safest option. Guaranteed. 

They're just perfect (even if we do say so ourselves!)


Kazzi Kovers Garment Bags are Ideal for:
  • Storage and or Travel | For all types of fabrics and garments including suits, coats, gowns, dresses, jackets, embellished and delicate pieces
  • Business Travel | For suits, dresses, coats, jackets, ties
  • Bride/Groom | Wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, groom, mens suits
  • Destination Wedding | Travel with your wedding dress on the big day. Ideal for bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dress, Mother-of the-Bride. (After your big day, you can store your dress in the Kazzi Kovers Garment Bag to preserve its longevity / heirloom.) 
  • Delicate and Embellished Garments: Dresses, costumes, heirlooms, one-off pieces, kaftans, saris.
  • Fashion Events | For designers, models and garment protection
  • Dance | Dance costumes, sequined dresses, leotards, outfits
  • Vintage Clothes | Provide protection for your priceless vintage pieces; dresses, coats, jackets, fabrics.
  • Equestrian Jackets | for events to and from. Also, home and storage purposes
  • Cruises and Black Tie Events - Pack and protect your gowns or suits when travelling
  • and much more. 
SHOP NOW || Garment Bags | Individual and Combo Packs Available 

Regular Garment BagIdeal for Suits, Jackets, Coats, Dresses, Cocktail / Formal Dresses, Embellished and Beaded Garments, Seasonal Garments, Saris, Kaftans, All Types of Costumes, Vintage Clothing, Uniforms, Heirlooms and more. For Delicate and Natural Fibres (leather, wool, silk, suede, fur, velvet.) 

1xLarge-Garment-BagLarge Garment BagIdeal for Wedding Dress, Formal and Cocktail Dresses, Gowns, Embellished and Beaded Garments, Long Coats, Seasonal Garments, Saris, Kaftans, All Types of Costumes, Vintage Clothing, Uniforms, Heirlooms and more. For Delicate and Natural Fibres (leather, wool, silk, suede, furs, faux-furs, velvet.)


Combo Packs

These combo packs offer great value and include a Regular and or Large Garment Bag combinations. Perfect for when you need more than just one to suit your wardrobe requirements!

For example: 1 x Regular + 1 x Large Garment Bag Combo (displayed in photo).

You can choose from 6 Garment Bag Combo Options.



A little extra care for your smaller winter items...

Now you've organised your winter jackets and coats, here are some great ideas for storing your smaller winter accessories including scarves, beanies, gloves, hats and fascinators.                       


Scarf Storage: Rather than having your scarves hanging from the door or taking up valuable space in your wardrobe for the most part of the year, Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Scarf Storage Bags are the perfect alternative to store your scarves until needed.

Just ensure that you store like-to-like materials and fibres together. Such as; wool scarves in one cover and synthetic or polyester scarves in a separate cover. The same goes for beanies and gloves.
This sassy and practical cotton bags can be stored on top of each other in a drawer, or on a shelf - just ensure that air-flow is sufficient particularly if humidity is an issue in your area. 

Hats and Fascinator Storage: Hat boxes lack air circulation and over time can cause your prized hat or favourite fascinator to discolour and potentially cause material breakdown (this happened to my wide-brimmed yellow hat when it was stored in a hat box for a few years - so disappointing!)
Again, remember to store like-to-like hat-fascinator-dust-coverfabrics (see scarf storage) or one hat per cover, side by side or in different locations.
Unless your hats are of similar design and structure, it is not advisable to store hats on top of each other to avoid structure depletion of the hat. You can also utilise Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Covers to safeguard your fascinators until the next race day or special occasion. 

Chevron and Blue Cotton Packing Cells and BagsIdeal for home, storage and travel purposes, these Mix ‘n’ Match Cotton Packing Cells Bags are available in 3 different sizes and a range of packs and sassy colours to suit your needs. 
Storing your winter items in a climate-controlled environment, or where air-flow is sufficient does help to minimise mould and pesky little insects from damaging your clothes and accessories, particularly if you would like to enjoy wearing your winter garments or special pieces for years to come. 
Uses for 100% Cotton Covers | Packing Cells 
  • Travel: Eg. laptops, cords, clothes, shoes and more
  • All types of clothes Eg: dress, pants, delicates, shirts, jumpers and more
  • Shoes
  • Lingerie (one for dirty, one for clean under garments)
  • Hats | Fascinators
  • Handbags
  • Dance Wear
  • Costumes
  • Beach: Eg keys, sunglasses, spare clothes
  • Yoga Wear
  • Gym Wear
  • Sports Wear
  • Kids Items / Sports
  • Winter Clothes, jumpers, sweaters
  • Scarves | Gloves | Beanies
  • And More. 

A little extra care goes a long way when it comes to protecting and storing your winter items. Remember to clean, wash and fully dry out your winter garments and accessories to repel moths and insects. Ensure that winter items are stored in breathable 100% Cotton storage bags,and not in plastic or non-woven bags. This ensure that air can comfortably circulate in and around your wardrobe, closet or storage space and promote your garments' and items longevity so you can enjoy wearing them for years to come. 


Maria Kazzi | Kazzi Kovers

Updated 22.10.18


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