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Tie Belt Scarf Hanger - European Beech Wood

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This solid wood tie, belt, scarf hanger is cleverly designed to save you space in your wardrobe and streamline your accessories - saving you time - for when you need that tie or belt when you're rushing out the door. 

Crafted from FSC® Certified European German Beech Wood and displays a natural wood grain with smooth finish. It features 12 hooks on each side (24 in total). Each 6 cm metal hook conveniently folds in and folds out for easy placement and access to your items. Together with a strong wood core and a 360 degree chrome swivel hook, your accessories are guaranteed to be held securely until required. 

This stylish wooden hanger weighs an impressive 297 grams and provides the essential support your accessories need to maintain their shape, form and material integrity throughout the seasons, whilst keeping your wardrobe organised and tidy.



1 x Scarf Tie Belt Hanger | European German Beech Wood

Size : 40 cm (L) x 13.4 cm (H) x 6 cm (Each hook) 


Ideal For

  • Ladies and Mens Items
  • Ties
  • Belts
  • Scarves
  • Jewellery | Necklaces, chains, bracelets, costume jewellery and more
  • For Wardrobes | Bedrooms | Walk-in-Robes | Home | Storage | Office.



    • Material: European German Beech Wood
    • FSC® Certified
    • Colour: Natural Wood Grain
    • Finish: Smooth
    • Streamlined | Saves Time | Reduces Clutter
    • 24 metal hooks | 12 on each side secures your accessories, ties, scarves and belts
    • Each metal hooks is 6 cm
    • Each hook conveniently folds in and folds out for easy access and use
    • Hook: 360 degree chrome swivel metal hook for ease of storage and travel
    • Hook Head: Smooth and Rounded | Prevents snagging other clothing
    • Dense | Well-Constructed
    • Weight: 297 grams.

    * Clothing and accessories are not included.  


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    FSC-N002760-Kazzi-KoversKazzi Kovers European Beech Scarf Tie Belt Hanger is certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®). The wood is sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner for today and for future generations. (FSC® N002760).


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