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How To Store and Care For Your Suit

Posted on July 07, 2016 by Maria Kazzi

Suits on wooden hangers  

Whether you wear your suit once a week, several times a month or it is reserved for special occasions, suits that are cared for last longer. 



A quality clothes brush and steamer will be all you need to remove any stains on your suit. Suits only need to be professionally cleaned when it is absolutely necessary and not every week. So avoid the chemicals used in dry cleaning as it can wear out and diminish the fabrics over time.

If you are ironing your suit, it is better to place clean linen, cotton cloth or old cotton t-shirt between the suit and the iron rather than using the direct iron on the fabric, particularly wool. Press and then lift the iron, rather than sliding it up and down for a more crisp finish. 


Invest in a Quality Coat Hanger

wooden-coat-hangerYour garments should always be hung on a well-made wooden hanger in a space where airflow can comfortably circulate in and around your garments. Ensure that the shoulder and the arch of the coat hanger supports the structure and shape of your jackets and garments to promote their longevity. Never use wire hangers.

Tip: Be it at home, the office or a social event; never hang your jacket at the back of a chair as this will impair the shape of the jacket. If there is no other alternative, then fold it over the back of the chair or on a flat surface.


How to Store Your Suit

plastic-garment-bagWhatever you do, do not store or place your suit in a plastic or non-woven garment bag for extended periods, particularly in humid climates. This can be incredibly detrimental to the integrity of your suit as these types of garment bags will eventually cause your suit, dress, jacket and particularly leathers to mould and cause mildew and discolouration. 

     Suit Longevity

    • Always air out your suit after you have worn it  
    • Always hang your suit in an upright position to curb wrinkles and fabric damage
    • Store your suits in Kazzi Kovers 100% cotton garment cover to safeguard against dust, insects, dirt, mould and mildew.
    • Store you suit in a well ventilated area where air can circulate in and around your suits, clothes, jackets and coats. 

    Protect from Sunlight

    Avoid direct sunlight as the heat will create moisture, mould and mildew. Moths also love light, so make sure you protect your garments by storing them in a dark place in your wardrobe, or otherwise.


    100% Cotton Garment Bags Breathable-garment-bags-australia
























    Cotton has wonderful attributes: It is a low maintenance fabric which makes it easy to wash and it is reasonably quick to dry. It is a natural, lightweight, breathable, hygienic, acid-free and strong fabric that will promote the longevity of your suits when properly cleaned, stored and cared for. 

    If dust, mould, moths and nasty closet insects are a problem with your suits, especially wool suits (I know because pesky moths ate through my black wool pant suit), then storing your beloved and seasonal pieces in 100% Cotton Garment Bags is your safest option. 

    Each cream-coloured garment bag fits up to 3 items and is available in two generous sizes - Regular and Large. Each garment bag is also equipped with a full-length, side-zipper for easy access and a double-stitched, sturdy cotton loop is sewn in at the bottom so it's simple to fold the bag over when travelling, or you can hang them nicely anywhere for storage or home purposes.

    These garment bags are also great for business travellers and purposed for well-seasoned and occasional travellers.

    Taking good care of your suits is so simple and it is a conscious effort. After all, you’ve invested a good fortune in them and want to get good wear out of them for years to come, so a bit of extra care can go a long way.


    Kazzi Kovers Garment Bags are Ideal for:

    • Storage and or Travel | For all types of fabrics and garments including suits, coats, gowns, dresses, jackets, embellished and delicate pieces
    • Business Travel | For suits, dresses, coats, jackets, ties
    • Bride/Groom | Wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, groom, mens suits
    • Destination Wedding | Travel with your wedding dress on the big day. Ideal for bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dress, Mother-of the-Bride. (After your big day, you can store your dress in the Kazzi Kovers Garment Bag to preserve its longevity / heirloom.) 
    • Delicate and Embellished Garments: Dresses, costumes, heirlooms, one-off pieces, kaftans, saris.
    • Fashion Events | For designers, models and garment protection
    • Dance | Dance costumes, sequined dresses, leotards, outfits
    • Vintage Clothes | Provide protection for your priceless vintage pieces; dresses, coats, jackets, fabrics.
    • Equestrian Jackets | for events to and from. Also, home and storage purposes
    • Cruises and Black Tie Events - Pack and protect your gowns or suits when travelling
    • and much more




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