Latte Love & Fuchsia Fever | 5 Pack Combo
Latte Love & Fuchsia Fever with organised handbags on shelf
Fuchsia Pink and Latte Love packing cells and cotton covers
Protective bags for handbags
Beige cotton dust covers for handbags displayed on shelf
Packing cells for travel
Latte clutch and wristlet cotton dust bag
Pink 100% cotton zipped dustbags for clutches, wallets and wristlets
Dust bag for shoes
Travel bag for shoes
Beige lingerie and underwear bag
Electronics travel organizer bag
Beige sock bag
Pink clothes, shoes and accessories bag for children
Beige 100% cotton scarf storage pouch
Note pad and stationery | bright pink bag
Baby clothes, nappies and accessories in 100% cotton baby bag
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Latte Love & Fuchsia Fever 5 Pack Combo

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Spoil yourself or a friend with a bit of Latte Love (beige) and Fuchsia Fever 100% Cotton Packing Cells and covers. They are perfect for those who love to mix a neutral tone with a pop of colour. 

Our lightweight bags are super spacious and include a unique double-sided zip for quick access to your belongings. Each bag is fully enclosed to keep your items private and protects from the elements including dirt, dust, mould and mildew - all year round. 

STORAGE: They're the stylish solution for storing and protecting your favourite, seasonal and occasional items including your clothing, lingerie, shoes, electronics, kid's items, delicate pieces, scarves, heirlooms and more. 

TRAVEL: Be it for work or leisure; these must-have travel accessories are perfect for suitcase organisation and are a convenient way to pack your belongings separately. Assign a different sized bag per person and or per purpose. 

Kazzi Kovers 100% Cotton Covers and Packing Cells are versatile (see comprehensive list below), and they make storing your items and travelling easy and fun.



5 Pack Combo | 2 x Small, 2 x Medium, 1 x Large

  • 1 x Fuchsia Fever Small
  • 1 x Latte Love (beige) Small
  • 1 x Fuchsia Fever Medium 
  • 1 x Latte (beige) Love Medium
  • 1 x Latte (beige) Love Large   



  • Travel: Electronics travel organizer bag for cords, adaptors, scales, locks, clothing, a dust bag for shoes, accessories and more
  • All Types of Clothing | Shirts, dresses, tops, pants, jumpers, delicates and more
  • Underwear | Lingerie | Undergarments
  • Seasonal and Delicate Pieces: Cashmere | Wool | Lace | All Types of Furs | Embellished Items | Scarves | Gloves | Berets
  • Protective bags for handbags | For Clutches | Wristlets | Wallets | Embellished Bags
  • Hat and Fascinator Storage Bag
  • Belts | Ties | Socks
  • Beach: Keys | Sunglasses | Sunscreen | Spare Clothes
  • Baby Items | Kids Items: Clothes, shoes, nappies, toys and more
  • Costumes | Dance Wear | Tights | Leotards | Shoes
  • Sporting Attire | Yoga Wear | Gym Wear | Sports Gear
  • And More.

* Clothing and accessories are not included with purchase.




Kazzi Kovers packing cells are made from 100% breathable natural cotton. Each bag provides the ultimate protection against the elements such as dirt, dust, insects (especially moths), sunlight, mould, moisture and mildew.

They're especially useful when it comes to safeguarding your more delicate fabrics; such as storing and or travelling with your wool, silk, cashmere, cotton and leather fabrics.

Plastic, nylon, non-woven, and polyester materials can create unwanted odours and moisture in your home or suitcase when travelling. Cotton has the opposite effect, keeping your clothing and other items cool, fresh and well maintained. 

Cotton covers and packing cells are soft, lightweight, breathable, hygienic, acid-free and help reduce your carbon footprint.



Unlike structured packing cells, our cotton bags are malleable and are designed and purposed to fit comfortably into any wardrobe, shelf, space, pocket and all types of bags and suitcases. Very versatile. Pack and protect your items such as clothing, shoes, leathers, cords, adaptors, handbags, scarves, kid's clothes, books, accessories, small items and much more. 

Also, when travelling, there's no need to unpack your bags every time. You can take the packing cells directly from your luggage straight to your hotel drawers and be swiftly unpacked and ready to enjoy your holiday in minutes. Simple.



Kazzi Kovers packing cells and dust bags are spacious and provide fast access to your items with the unique double-sided nylon zipper, creating a larger opening. This feature makes it quick to pack your items, find what you are looking for, and it will save you time. 



Make your suitcase and storage space pop! No one wants plain black or grey luggage organisers. Kazzi Kovers packing cells make it easy to find what you need at a glance. For example, when travelling, the small beige bag secures your travel accessories such as your cords, chargers and lingerie. The medium and large beige or pink cotton bags are a perfect size for segmenting your clothing, shoes, jeans, tops, jackets and bulkier items.



    Fuchsia Fever
    Small 30 cm x 22.5 cm  

    Medium 43 cm x 37 cm

    Latte Love
    Small 31 cm x 24.5 cm  

    Medium 44 cm x 37 cm
    Large 52 cm x 47 cm  

    (Please refer to size guide as sizes may vary slightly between colours and patterns as cotton bags are handmade.)



    Kazzi Kovers Packing Cells and Bags are made from 100% Cotton. 

    Breathable | Plastic-Free | Acid-free | Hygienic | Lightweight

    • Cool machine wash separately
    • Cool hand wash
    • Do not bleach, soak or wring
    • Dry flat in shade
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Warm iron
    • Keep out of direct sunlight.


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