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Kazzi Kovers® 100% Cotton Black Hanging Garment Bag
Large Garment Bags for home, storage and travel purposes
Clothes bag for long jackets, coats and furs
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Garment Bags - 3 x Large Combo - Black


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Kazzi Kovers Large Garment Bags provide the ultimate protection for storing your everyday, occasional or seasonal items, including your long dresses and coats.

Our classic, black coloured fabric garment bags are custom made from 100% Cotton. Cotton, a natural fabric, is especially effective for preserving and storing your garments and one-off pieces such as your wedding dress, gowns, kaftans, vintage clothing, costumes, delicate and embellished garments, all types of furs, heirlooms and more. 

Each garment cover is fully enclosed and designed to safeguard your garments against the elements, including dust, dirt, insects (especially moths), sunlight, mould and moisture build-up. 

Kazzi Kovers Large Garment Bags keep your seasonal and occasional clothing in premium condition and promote garment longevity.

Ideal for home, storage, business, travel and hotel purposes.



3 x LARGE Garment Bags

Size Centimeters: 165 cm (H) x 65 cm (L) x 10 cm (Width/Gusset)   

Size Inches: 65" (H) x 25.5" (L) x 3.9" (Width/Gusset)  

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  • Dress Garment Bags | Gowns | Cocktail | Formal | Evening Wear
  • Wedding Dress Bags | Bridesmaid Dress Bag
  • 3/4 Length Coats
  • Full-Length Coats
  • All Seasonal and Occasional clothing
  • Embellished and Beaded Garments
  • Delicate and Natural Fibres (leather, wool, cotton, silk, velvet, suede, lace, + more)
  • Bar Gowns | Barrister Gowns | Robes
  • All Types of Furs | Mink Coat Storage Bag
  • All Types of Costumes
  • All Types of Uniforms 
  • Dancewear
  • Equestrian Clothing
  • Sporting Attire
  • Saris | Kaftans
  • Vintage Clothing | Heirlooms
  • And more.
  • (Note: Not suitable for Princess, Ball Gown, Trumpet Wedding Gowns, or fuller skirts).


  • Material | 100% Cotton 
  • Zipper | Nylon
  • Colour | Black
  • Breathable | Acid-free | Lightweight | Hygienic | Low maintenance
  • Protection against dirt, dust, insects (especially moths), mould, mildew and moisture build-up
  • Allows fresh air to circulate in and around your garments and clothes to breathe due to the natural cotton fabric
  • Provides protection and promotes the longevity of your garments 
  • Includes a full length, self-healing side zipper for easy access
  • Custom made Kazzi Kovers engraved 100% metal zip puller 
  • 10 cm gusset for extra width and space to store your garments
  • Reinforced hanger opening to securely hold and store your garments
  • Slip the strong cotton loop over your hanger to fold your bag for easy travel and carrying purposes
  • Kazzi Kovers Printed Logo (front side only)
  • Machine washable in cold water
  • Suitable for short and long term storage 
  • For Home | Storage | Business | Travel and Hotel Purposes.

(They are perfect and practical even if we do say so ourselves!) 

* All hangers, clothing and accessories are not included.

* Please remember to measure your garments to ensure they fit comfortably in the garment bag, particularly the height (top to bottom).


See Garment Bag Combos: Our packs offer great value when buying more than one garment bag | Save up to $7.00 per pack.


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