Acid free tissue paper | Kazzi Kovers
Placing acid free tissue paper between delicate and embellished fabrics provides extra care when storing these items
Wedding dress preservation using acid free tissue paper
Wrap your heirlooms and breakables in acid free paper for long term storage or moving purposes
Layering your handmade quilts and pieces with acid free tissue paper helps preserve and protect their longevity
Wrapping baby and kids' clothes and keepsakes provides optimal care and longevity when storing these items long term
Acid free tissue paper helps preserve and protect your valuable memorabilia from the elements and ensures your pieces stay safe
Kazzi Kovers Acid Free Tissue Paper
Acid Free Tissue Paper | Size Guide
5 Sheets | Acid Free Tissue Paper
10 Sheets | Acid Free Tissue Paper
20 Sheets | Acid Free Tissue Paper
30 Sheets | Acid Free Tissue Paper
50 Sheets | Acid Free Tissue Paper
100 Sheets | Acid Free Tissue Paper
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Acid Free Tissue Paper


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Keep your items safe with acid free tissue paper. The neutral-pH paper helps preserve, protect and store your seasonal garments, wedding dress, heirlooms, breakables, and accessories.

You can either layer, wrap, fold or scrunch the tissue paper as infill to suit your requirements and storage purposes.

Acid free tissue paper sheets provide an extra layer of protection against the elements, particularly when it comes to packing fragile items, moving house, and preserving your items long term or for seasonal purposes.

Kazzi Kovers Acid Free Tissue Paper is proudly 100% FSC® Certified. Sustainable Forests Forever. 


Choose your sheet quantity in the dropdown menu

5 sheets | 10 sheets | 20 sheets | 50 sheets | 100 sheets

Size Centimetres: 75 cm (L) x 50 cm (W) - per sheet

Size Inches: 29.5" (L) x 19.6" (W) - per sheet


Acid Free. The tissue paper is acid free (or free of acids), so it won't discolour or yellow over time or react with other materials or fabrics, creating a safe space for storing your belongings and promoting their longevity. 

Neutral pH or Acidity Level. Acid free tissue paper has a neutral PH or acidity level. Acidity levels can change over time and damage your stored items, particularly in humid and unfavourable conditions. Acid free tissue paper offers an extra layer of care and protection and is perfect for storing items long term. 



  • Seasonal Clothing || All Types Of Clothing | Jumpers | Sweaters | Costumes | Robes etc.
  • Cashmere | Cardigans, jumpers and sweaters should always be laid flat to prevent fabric stretch. Layer the tissue paper between your items to protect the delicate fabric and promote care and longevity
  • Fabrics || Wool | Cotton | Cashmere | Linen | Lace | Silk | Leather | Embellished and Beaded Fabric | Polyester & More. 
  • Breakables || Silverware | Kitchenware | Crockery | Glassware | Vases | Pottery | Antiques | Figurines | Ornaments Etc.
  • Wedding Dress Preservation || As you fold, use acid free tissue paper between the layers of your gown to protect embellishments, beading and fine lace and safeguard delicate fabrics from yellowing and discolouration. 
  • Handmade Items || Quilts | Throws | Blankets | Table Runners | Placemats etc.
  • Christening Gowns Baptismal Dresses
  • Accessories || Scarves | Shawls | Belts | Gloves | Beanies | Hats | Shoes | Jewellery
  • Heirlooms and Memorabilia || Baby and Kids' Items and Keepsakes | Certificates | Photos | Toys 
  • Moving House or Office | Pack small and fragile items
  • And More.



  • Acid Free White Tissue Paper | pH Neutral
  • The tissue paper is acid free so it won't discolour or yellow over time or react with other materials or fabrics, enhancing the longevity and care of your stored items. 
  • Our premium quality tissue paper is 17gsm (grams per square meter) to better layer, wrap and protect your belongings
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials.


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