Cedar Hanging Blocks | 6 Pack
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Cedar Blocks
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Cedar wood hanging blocks on rail with hangers
Kazzi Kovers Cedar Blocks
Chemical free cedar blocks to keep your clothes fresh and pest free
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Cedar block | Front view
Cedar Block | Natural moth protection
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Smooth hook head prevents snagging your garments
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FSC® Certified New Zealand Cedar Wood Hanging Blocks
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Cedar Wood Hanging Blocks - 6 Pack

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Keep your clothing and linen smelling fresh with Kazzi Kovers Cedar Wood Hanging Blocks (6 Pack). Cedar provides the best in natural protection against moths and insects. Cedar also absorbs moisture and odours from your garments' and enclosed environments, including wardrobes and other spaces, without the side effects of harmful chemicals.

Our cedar blocks are beautifully crafted from FSC®* Certified 100% New Zealand Cedar Wood. The cedar wood blocks are responsibly sourced and harvested from sustainable and renewable forests for today and future generations (Licence No: FSC® N002760.)

Kazzi Kovers cedar blocks display a natural wood grain with a smooth finish to safeguard your garments' and delicate fabrics against snagging. The 360° swivel chrome hook allows you to hang your cedar blocks in between your clothing on wardrobe rails. They can also be placed in your drawers, cabinets, the linen cupboard, storage boxes or on shelves to maintain all-round freshness and care.

By releasing a light aromatic cedar scent, cedar blocks provide the ultimate protection against the elements and promote garment longevity.

*FSC® Forest Stewardship Council of Australia.



6 Pack Cedar Hanging Blocks | FSC® New Zealand Cedar Wood

Dimensions: 15 cm (H) x 5 cm (L) x 1 cm (W)

Height: 20.5 cm | Includes Chrome Metal Hook



  • Clothing: Suits | Dresses | Jackets | Coats | Skirts | Tops | Shirts | Pants and More
  • Fabrics: Wool | Leather | Linen | Suede | Cotton | Silk | Lace | Furs | Other Delicate Fabrics and More
  • Spaces: Wardrobes | Walk-In-Robes | Luggage | Offices | Drawers | Storage Boxes | Storage Units | Larger Cabinets | Shelves | Linen Cupboards | Lockers | Gym Bag | Backpacks | Cars and many other spaces
  • Absorbs Shoe Odours
  • Protect your accessories from moths and insects || Scarves | Socks | Gloves | Ties | Hats - especially wool, cashmere and other natural fabrics
  • Bridal Gown | Formal Attire
  • Sporting Wears and Shoes
  • Costumes | Dance Attire
  • Vintage Clothing | Kaftans | Saris
  • Heirlooms and More.



      • 6 Pack | Cedar Wood Hanging Blocks
      • Material | FSC® Certified 100% New Zealand Cedar Wood
      • Display | Natural Cedar Wood Grain
      • Finish | Smooth | Prevents snagging other clothing and fabrics
      • Cedar blocks include a 360° chrome swivel metal hook
      • Place on wardrobe rails and in larger spaces for best results
      • Cedar blocks are a safe, chemical-free alternative to mothballs and naphthalene flakes
      • Naturally repels moths and insects
      • Protects against mildew, mould, mustiness and moisture
      • Cedar has been trusted for centuries to absorb unwanted odours in your home, wardrobe, linen cupboard, storage space and other areas while releasing a fresh, clean cedar scent.



      • Hanging Cedar Blocks are most effective when positioned 2 - 3 m apart.
      • Cedar Rings are best placed 1 - 2 m apart. 
      • To refresh the aromatic cedar scent, lightly sand the wood with sandpaper every 4 - 6 months.
      • Replace every 10 - 12 months for best ongoing care and results.
      • Avoid direct contact with white or delicate clothing to prevent wood colour transfer. 


        Cedar Wood Hanging Blocks provide extra care and natural protection for your garments', linens and accessories and promote their longevity. 

         * Clothing and accessories are not included. 


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        FSC-N002760-Kazzi-KoversKazzi Kovers New Zealand Cedar Blocks are certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®). The wood is sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner for today and future generations. (Licence No: FSC® N002760.)


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