3PK Large Storage Bags + Acid Free Tissue Paper Preservation Set | Kazzi Kovers
Fully enclosed 100% cotton storage bag for pillows, bedding, and seasonal belongings
Storage Bag Size Guide | Kazzi Kovers
Large comforter storage bags for seasonal and long term storage  | 100% Cotton
Spacious quilt storage bag, fully enclosed with 3-sided zip and identification window | Kazzi Kovers
Kazzi Kovers strong, metal easy grip zip for easy open and close access to your storage bag and belongings
Kazzi Kovers delightful light grey large storage bag to store and preserve your blankets, throws, and winter items
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Acid Free Tissue Paper Quantities | Kazzi Kovers
Layer or wrap acid free tissue paper around your delicate and seasonal clothing to prevent yellowing when storing your garments for extended periods
Layer or fold acid free tissue paper between the delicate wedding dress fabrics and embellishments when stored long term. Lay flat in storage bag
Stuff, infill, wrap and layer your breakables when moving or when storing these precious items long term to minimise damage and breakages
Lovingly store and protect your handmade quilts and heirlooms by wrapping or layering acid free tissue paper between the folds when stored in 100% cotton storage bags
Wrap or layer acid free tissue paper between your kids clothing for optimal care and preservation when storing these keepsakes long term
Individually wrap, layer or infill your memorabilia with acid free tissue paper to prevent damages, and ensure your pieces stay safely stored for years to come
Acid Free Tissue Paper Size Guide | Kazzi Kovers
100% Cotton Large Storage Bag Size Guide | Kazzi Kovers
5 Sheets | Acid Free Tissue Paper
10 Sheets | Acid Free Tissue Paper
20 Sheets | Acid Free Tissue Paper
30 Sheets | Acid Free Tissue Paper
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Preservation Set - 3 LARGE Storage Bags (Grey) + Acid Free TP


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Kazzi Kovers Three Pack (3PK) Light Grey Large Storage Bags and Acid Free Tissue Paper Preservation Set is the right solution for preserving your cherished items. Ideal for delicate garments, seasonal pieces, vintage items, or family heirlooms, this delightful all-in-one set will ensure that your belongings are well protected and preserved for today and future generations to enjoy.

The storage bags are beautifully crafted from museum quality 100% Cotton, allowing fresh air to nourish and circulate your stored items. Cotton is a natural and sustainable fabric that preserves and protects your belongings. The acid free tissue paper adds an additional layer of protection and preservation, making sure your items stay pristine for years.

Simple and practical, this set is perfect for storing your items in various places, including your linen cupboard, wardrobe, walk-in-robe, on shelves, and under the bed.  The unstructured and malleable design of the storage bags allows your belongings to effortlessly sit and fall naturally, mimicking the shape of the stored item, unlike the confinement of a rigid cardboard box.

Our Large Cotton Storage Bags feature a 3-sided zip closure for easy access, are fully enclosed, and offer two convenient front handles for portability. Plus, 3 x FREE FSC®* cardboard labels to mark the bag's contents for easy identification. Bonus!

The Kazzi Kovers Light Grey 3PK Large Storage Bags and Acid Free Tissue Paper Preservation Set is designed to safeguard your items against dust, dirt, insects, moths, mould, mildew, moisture and sunlight, giving them the protection they need while preserving your memories and the items you love. 

(More information and Preservation Tips are below.)



3 x LARGE Storage Bags

Size Centimetres: 70 cm (L) x 50 cm (W) x 20 cm (H)

Size Inches: 27.5" (L) x 19.6" (W) x 7.87" (H)



Choose your sheet quantity in the dropdown menu

5 sheets | 10 sheets | 20 sheets | 30 Sheets | 50 sheets | 100 sheets

Size Centimetres: 75 cm (L) x 50 cm (W) - per sheet

Size Inches: 29.5" (L) x 19.6" (W) - per sheet

The tissue paper is acid free (or free of acids) and lignin free, so it won't discolour or yellow over time or react with other materials or fabrics, creating a safe and nurturing space for storing your belongings and promoting their longevity. 

Neutral pH or Acidity Level. Acid free tissue paper has a neutral PH or acidity level. Acidity levels can change over time and damage your stored items, particularly in humid and unfavourable conditions. Acid free tissue paper offers an extra layer of care and protection and is perfect for storing items for months or years.

You can either layer, wrap, fold or scrunch the tissue paper as an infill to suit your requirements and storage purposes.

The tissue paper is proudly manufactured in Australia. 



  • Clothes Storage || All Types Of Clothing | Jumpers | Sweaters | Costumes | Robes etc.
  • Seasonal Items | Cardigans, jumpers and sweaters should always be laid flat to prevent fabric stretch. Layer the tissue paper between your items to protect the delicate fabric and promote care and longevity.
  • Fabrics || Wool | Cotton | Cashmere | Linen | Lace | Silk | Leather | Embellished and Beaded Fabrics | Polyester & More. 
  • Breakables || Silverware | Kitchenware | Crockery | Glassware | Vases | Pottery | Antiques | Figurines | Ornaments Etc.
  • Wedding Dress Preservation | As you gently fold, use acid-free tissue paper between the layers of your gown to protect embellishments, beading, and fine lace, as well as safeguard delicate fabrics from yellowing and discolouration.
  • Bridal Accessories: You can also delicately wrap individual bridal pieces in tissue paper to protect them from snagging the fabrics, such as the veil, belt, sash, tiara, wedding clutch, bag, and more.
  • Handmade Items || Quilts | Throws | Blankets | Table Runners | Placemats etc.
  • Accessories || Scarves | Shawls | Handbags | Belts | Gloves | Beanies | Hats | Shoes | Jewellery
  • Christening Gowns | Baptismal Dresses
  • Kids Items || Baby and Kids Items and Keepsakes | Certificates | Photos | Toys 
  • Heirlooms and Memorabilia || Plaques | Medals | Hats | Clothing | Souvenirs
  • Moving House or Office | Pack and Store Seasonal and Fragile Items
  • And More. 



  • Material | 100% Cotton 
  • Colour | Light Grey
  • 100% Acid Free Cotton Storage Bags
  • A non-structured, durable storage bag that conveniently fits into your linen cupboard, wardrobes, walk-in-robes, under the bed, on shelves, and all small to large spaces 
  • Protects against dirt, dust, insects (especially moths), mould, mildew, moisture, and sunlight due to the fully enclosed storage bag
  • Includes two reinforced double-stitched front handles for easy carry and portable transportation
  • Protects and preserves the longevity of your stored items due to the breathable 100% cotton fabric
  • Stackable | Store up to three bags on top of each other in your designated space
  • Includes a self-healing, 3-sided zip for easy storage and access to your items
  • Identification Window | 10.5 cm (L) x 7 cm (H) | 4.1" (L)  x 2.8" (H)
  • FREE with purchase | 3 x FSC® Blank Label Cards* to label the contents of your storage bags
  • Easy glide strong metal zip puller for fast access and storage
  • Custom made zip puller with engraved Kazzi Kovers Logo
  • Suitable for short and long term storage 
  • Machine washable in cold water
  • For home, storage and travel purposes.

(It is also worth noting that cardboard boxes can be a favourite of cockroaches, mice and rats. These boxes can crumble and disintegrate over time, causing unwanted openings for dust, dirt, moths and other insects to enter the box and cause irreparable damage to your items, particularly if the boxes are not checked every 6 - 12 months or are left in damp, hot or humid conditions.)

 * All accessories, manchester and clothing are not included with the purchase.

Please refer to the Size Guide located in the photos for more information.




  • Always make sure your hands are washed and dry. Remove any lotions, oils or creams on your hands before handling the garment, item or keepsake to remove residue that can stain or permeate the item or garment.
  • Wear Cotton Gloves. For optimum care, wear cotton gloves for sensitive, delicate, fragile and vintage items so skin oils or stains do not transfer to the things you store. 
  • Professional Dry Cleaner. Seek a professional and qualified dry cleaner to remove any stubborn stains, odours, and contaminants if necessary, so no stains or perfumes are permanently set before any long term storage. 
  • Follow The Care Instructions. Read and follow the manufacturer or designer's care instructions on how to best care for the item or garment you are storing and preserving. They know best. 
  • It is important to Wash your storage bag in cold water before long term storage, particularly when storing delicate and vintage fabrics, family heirlooms and mementoes.
  • Ensure your items are laundered, stain free, and thoroughly dry before long term storage. Laundering (washing) ensures that your items are pristine and cleaned before any long term storage. Also, check that what you are storing is 100% dry to avoid moisture buildup and the growth of mould and mildew.
  • Store your items in a cool, dry location. Storing your items under the bed, on a wardrobe shelf, linen cupboard and away from direct sunlight is the optimal storage space. Avoid storing your belongings near damp areas, such as bathrooms, ensuites, and the laundry, to eliminate condensation and potential mould issues.
  • Please Contact Us if you need more information. We're here to help. 


Kazzi Kovers Licence No. FSC® N002760

* Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). Our label cards are free with your purchase and are made from responsibly managed and sustainable forests in a socially responsible and economically viable manner for today and future generations.

Kazzi Kovers Licence No. FSC® N002760.  



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