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Accessories Package - 14 Items

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Kazzi Kovers Accessories Package includes 14 items and is perfect for organising your ties, belts and scarves on a wood hanger. Whilst the chemical free, naturally scented FSC® Certified New Zealand Cedar Rings and Hanging Blocks protect your garments and clothing from pesky insects and absorb odours in your wardrobe or other spaces.

This package also includes a custom made Kazzi Kovers Travel Jewellery Box (with lock) to keep your valuables organised and protected. It will fit comfortably into your handbag, tote, carry-on, or suitcase. Perfect for weddings, overnight and weekend getaways, business conferences, day events, travel purposes or for that special someone or a friend.

Jewellery Box is available in your choice of Black, Pink, Blue or Mauve. 


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1 x European German Beech Wood Tie Belt Scarf Hanger | FSC® Certified

Size : 40 cm (L) x 13.4 cm (H) x 6 cm (Each hook) 


6 Pack x New Zealand Cedar Wood Hanging Blocks | FSC® Certified

Dimensions: 15 cm (H) x 5 cm (L) x 1 cm (W)

Full Height: 22.5 cm | Includes Metal Hook


6 Pack x New Zealand Cedar Wood Rings | FSC® Certified

Dimensions: Size : 4 cm (Full Diameter) x 1 cm (Width) x 1 cm (Ring hole diameter).


1 x Travel Jewellery Box (with lock)

Size: 13.5 cm (Length) x 11 cm (Width) x 5 cm (Height)

Colours (choose one): Black | Pink | Blue | Mauve 



Tie | Scarf | Belt Hanger

Ideal For:  

  • Ladies and Mens Items
  • Ties
  • Belts
  • Scarves
  • Jewellery | Necklaces, chains, bracelets, costume jewellery and more
  • For Wardrobes | Bedrooms | Walk-in-Robes | Home | Storage | Office.



    • Material: European German Beech Wood
    • FSC® Certified
    • Colour: Natural Wood Grain
    • Finish: Smooth
    • Streamlined | Saves Time | Reduces Clutter
    • 24 metal hooks | 12 on each side secures your accessories, ties, scarves and belts
    • Each metal hooks is 6 cm
    • Each hook conveniently folds in and folds out for easy access and use
    • Hook: 360 degree chrome swivel metal hook for ease of storage and travel
    • Hook Head: Smooth and Rounded | Prevents snagging other clothing
    • Dense | Well-Constructed
    • Weight: 297 grams.


    Cedar Wood Rings and Blocks

    Ideal For:

    • Clothing: Coats | Jackets | Dresses | Skirts | Tops | Shirts | Pants
    • Fabrics: Wool | Leather | Linen | Suede | Cotton | Silk | Other Delicate Fabrics and More
    • Spaces: Wardrobes | Luggage | Offices | Drawers | Storage Boxes | Storage Units | Cabinets | Shelves | Linen Cupboards | Gym Bags | Kids Bags | Lockers and many other spaces
    • Absorbs Shoe Odours
    • Accessories: Scarves | Socks | Gloves | Hats
    • Bridal Gown | Formal Attire
    • Sporting Wears and Shoes
    • Costumes | Dance Attire
    • Vintage Clothing
    • Heirlooms and More 



      • Material: FSC® Certified New Zealand Cedar Wood
      • Display: Natural Cedar Wood Grain
      • A safe and natural alternative to mothballs and naphthalene flakes
      • Provides protection against moths, insects, mustiness and odours
      • Absorbs moisture and odours and gives a fresh, clean cedar scent
      • Cedar Blocks: 360 degree chrome swivel metal hook for ease of storage and travel
      • Cedar Rings: Slips easily over the hooks of most hangers
      • Surface: Smooth | Prevents snagging other clothing and fabrics.


      For Best Results

      • Hanging Cedar Blocks are most effective when positioned 2 - 3 m apart. 
      • Gives the best results when hung between your clothes on wardrobe rails or your desired space.
      • Our Cedar Rings are best placed 1 - 2 m apart.
      • To refresh the aromatic cedar scent, lightly sand the wood with sandpaper every 4 - 6 months.
      • Replace every 10 - 12 months for best ongoing care and results.
      • Avoid direct contact with white or delicate clothing to prevent wood colour transfer. 

        Cedar Wood Hanging Blocks and Rings provide a little extra care and natural protection for your garments, linens and accessories and promote their longevity.

        * Clothing and accessories are not included. 


        Travel Jewellery Box (with lock)

        Ideal For: 

      • Handbags | Tote Bags | Carry-ons | Suitcases | Hotel Safes and More
      • Jewellery | Delicate Pieces | Heirlooms
      • Brides and Bridal Party | On the big day and thereafter
      • Delightful Gift For Sister | Mother | Daughter | Friend or Work Colleague
      • 'My First Jewellery Box' for young girls and daughters
      • Also Holds Small Electronics: Cords | Chargers | SD Cards | Earphones 
      • Travel Jewellery Box
      • For Home and Storage Purposes


        • Compact | Lightweight | Secure
        • Exterior Material: Quality PU Leather
        • Exterior Colour: Black
        • Interior Colour: Beige Velvet with Black Edges
        • Structure: MDF (Medium density fibreboard)
        • Stronger and more durable than regular cardboard jewellery boxes
        • Lock: Metal oval-shape | Lockable with 1 x key included
        • Keeps your jewellery and small electronics organised and protected
        • Stylish finish with outer stitching detail
        • Will not fade as easily, unlike real leather
        • To open: simply pinch the two sides together on the oval lock
        • Weight: 230 grams
        • Kazzi Kovers embossed logo


        Care Instructions:

        • Spot clean with a damp or dry soft cloth
        • Do not rub heavily on PU Leather
        • Store away from direct sunlight 
        • Avoid sharp objects

         * Jewellery and accessories are not included.   


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        FSC-N002760-Kazzi-KoversKazzi Kovers Wood Products are certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®). The wood is sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner for today and for future generations. (FSC® N002760). 


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