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Accessories Package - 14 Items

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Kazzi Kovers 14 Piece Accessories Package is perfect for reducing clutter and organising your ties, belts and scarves on a solid wood hanger. While the chemical-free, naturally scented Cedar Rings and Hanging Blocks protect your garments and clothing from pesky insects and absorb odours in your wardrobe and other spaces.

This package also includes an exclusive Kazzi Kovers Travel Jewellery Box (with lock) to keep your valuables organised and protected. It will fit comfortably into your handbag, tote, carry-on, or suitcase. Perfect for overnight and weekend getaways, business conferences, day events, weddings, travel purposes or for that special someone or a friend.

Jewellery Box is available in your choice of Black, Pink, Blue or Mauve. 


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1 x European German Beech Wood Tie Belt Scarf Hanger | FSC® Certified

Size: 40 cm (L) x 13.4 cm (H) x 6 cm (Each hook) 


6 Pack x New Zealand Cedar Wood Hanging Blocks | FSC® Certified

Dimensions: 13 cm (H) x 5 cm (L) x 1 cm (W)

Full Height: 20.5 cm | Includes Metal Hook


6 Pack x New Zealand Cedar Wood Rings | FSC® Certified

Dimensions: 4 cm (Full Diameter) x 1 cm (Width) x 1 cm (Hole diameter).


1 x Travel Jewellery Box (with lock)

Size: 13.5 cm (Length) x 11 cm (Width) x 5 cm (Height)

Colours Available: Black | Pink | Blue | Mauve 






  • Ladies and Mens Items
  • Ties
  • Belt Organiser
  • Scarves
  • Accessory Hanger
  • Jewellery | Necklaces, chains, bracelets, costume jewellery and more
  • For Wardrobes | Bedrooms | Walk-in-Robes | Home | Storage | Office.



    • Dense | Well-Constructed | 100% Wood Hanger
    • Material | European German Beech Wood
    • FSC® Certified
    • Colour | Natural Wood Grain
    • Finish | Smooth
    • 24 metal hooks | 12 on each side secures your accessories, ties, scarves and belts
    • Each metal hook is 6 cm
    • Hook | 360-degree chrome swivel metal hook for ease of storage and travel
    • Hook Head || Smooth and Rounded | Prevents snagging other clothing
    • Each hook conveniently folds in and folds out for easy access and use
    • Keeps your ties, belts and scarves organised and visible at a glance
    • Streamlined | Saves Time | Reduces Clutter
    • Weight | 297 grams each.




    • Clothing: Suits | Dresses | Jackets | Coats | Skirts | Tops | Shirts | Pants and More
    • Fabrics: Wool | Leather | Linen | Suede | Cotton | Silk | Lace | Furs | Other Delicate Fabrics and More
    • Spaces: Moth Repellent for Wardrobes | Walk-In-Robes | Luggage | Offices | Drawers | Storage Boxes | Storage Units | Cabinets | Shelves | Linen Cupboards | Gym Bag | Yoga Bag | Kids Bag | Backpacks | Lockers | Cars and many other spaces
    • Absorbs Shoe Odours
    • Cedar protects your accessories from moths and insects || Scarves | Socks | Gloves | Ties | Hats - especially wool, cashmere and other natural fabrics
    • Bridal Gown | Formal Attire
    • Sporting Wears and Shoes
    • Costumes | Dance Attire
    • Vintage Clothing | Kaftans | Saris
    • Heirlooms and More.



        • Material | FSC® Certified 100% New Zealand Cedar Wood
        • Display | Natural Cedar Wood Grain
        • Finish | Smooth | Prevents snagging other clothing and fabrics
        • Cedar Blocks: Includes 360-degree chrome swivel metal hook. Place in between your clothing, on wardrobe rails and in larger spaces.
        • Cedar Rings: Slips easily over the hooks of your existing hangers and is ideal for smaller spaces. Can be used in drawers and cupboards to naturally and effectively protect clothes and linens from moths and other insects.
        • Cedar blocks are a safe, chemical-free alternative to mothballs and naphthalene flakes
        • Naturally repels moths and insects
        • Protects against mildew, mould, mustiness and moisture
        • Cedar has been trusted for centuries to absorb unwanted odours in your home, wardrobe, linen cupboard, storage space and other areas while releasing a fresh, clean cedar scent.



        • Hanging Cedar Blocks are most effective when positioned 2 - 3 m apart. 
        • Cedar Rings are best placed 1 - 2 m apart.
        • To refresh the aromatic cedar scent, lightly sand the wood with sandpaper every 4 - 6 months.
        • Replace every 10 - 12 months for best ongoing care and results.
        • Avoid direct contact with white or delicate clothing to prevent wood colour transfer.  

         * Clothing and accessories are not included.  

        Cedar wood provides the ultimate protection against the elements, making it a favourable and safe choice for your home, office and all storage spaces.


        TRAVEL JEWELLERY BOX (with lock)

        IDEAL FOR

      • Handbags | Tote Bags | Carry-ons | Suitcases | Hotel Safes and More
      • Jewellery | Delicate Pieces | Heirlooms
      • Brides and Bridal Party | On the big day and thereafter
      • Delightful Gift For Sister | Mother | Daughter | Friend or Work Colleague
      • My First Jewellery Box for young girls and daughters
      • Also Holds Small Electronics: Cords | Chargers | SD Cards | Earphones 
      • Travel Jewellery Box
      • For Home and Storage Purposes.


        • Compact | Lightweight | Secure
        • Exterior Material | Quality PU Leather
        • Exterior Colour | Black
        • Interior Colour | Beige Velvet with Black Edges
        • Structure | MDF (Medium-density fibreboard)
        • Stronger and more durable than regular cardboard jewellery boxes
        • Lock || Metal oval-shape | Lockable with 1 x key included
        • Keeps your jewellery and small electronics organised and protected
        • Stylish finish with outer stitching detail
        • Will not fade as easily, unlike real leather
        • To open, simply pinch the two sides together on the oval lock
        • Weight | 230 grams
        • Kazzi Kovers embossed logo.



        • Spot clean with a damp or dry soft cloth
        • Do not rub heavily on PU Leather
        • Store away from direct sunlight 
        • Avoid sharp objects

         * Jewellery and accessories are not included.   


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