Kazzi Kovers all-in-one LARGE Garment Bag + Wooden HANGER is the perfect package for storing and protecting your occasional, seasonal and one-off pieces.  
The cotton garment bag protects your attire from dust, dirt, insects (especially moths), mould, moisture and mildew. The solid wood hanger maintains the proper structure of your garment. Together, they offer optimal garment longevity. 


Ideal for

  • Formal attire
  • Wedding dress
  • Long coats
  • Full length coats
  • Costumes
  • Vintage pieces
  • Sporting apparel 
  • And more. 



1 x LARGE Garment Bag + 1 x Wood HANGER

| SAVE $2.95 - $4.95 


STEP 1: Choose your Hanger Size | Clothes or Suit/Dress or Coat Hanger

STEP 2: Choose your Hanger Colour | Natural Wood Grain or Walnut  

Kazzi Kovers Wooden Hanger Size Chart


LARGE Garment Bag + NATURAL Beech Wood Hanger Package


LARGE Garment Bag + NATURAL Wood Hanger Offer


 LARGE Garment Bag + WALNUT Beech Wood Hanger Package

LARGE Garment Bag + WALNUT Wood Hanger Offer



- Kazzi Kovers